Black Friday in America

Black Friday in America

The Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November.  In 1941 Congress changed the date from the last Thursday in November to what it is currently.

The day which follows the holiday of feasting is known as Black Friday in America.  Black Friday is a way for businesses to kick off the Christmas season with deals for the hottest items in the market.

Black Friday is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated by many Americans who want to get an early jump on their Christmas shopping.  Stores across America like Wal-Mart and Best Buy have some of the best deals.  This day also brings out the ugly side of America, a greedy, impulsive façade which comes out when the prices of many items hit all-time lows.  This day serves as the epitome for what other countries think of America.  We are sometimes viewed as materialistic, pleasure seeking humans, and Black Friday exploits these characteristics.

This day has come under criticism in past years because stores are opening earlier and earlier.  The Thanksgiving holiday is being intruded by unbelievable deals.  Grandma’s thanksgiving dinner has transformed from a roasted turkey to turkey sandwiches, so more time can be spent pushing and shoving in search of the best deals.

Junior David Meyer is unlike many Americans. “I don’t think Black Friday is getting in the way of Thanksgiving,” said Meyer.

When the doors open, stampedes of people come rushing into the stores.  This has caused people to get trampled which has left many with injuries, and in some cases even death.  Some people are baffled with the fact that Americans would risk their lives for deals, but some stores literally set prices to die for.

Wal-Mart has been the scene for many of these incidents.  This store is the one stop shop where people can find everything which they want, and that is why it is a hot spot for shoppers.  They already have self-proclaimed low prices, but when Black Friday rolls around, people can get items for next to nothing.

Some of the biggest items which will have people lined up a quarter mile long will be for game consoles like the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.  Why would anyone wait that long in a line for a game system?  The normal costs of these consoles are upwards of $500.  Black Friday sales can bring these consoles down to much more reasonable prices.  Games which are played on these consoles are also brought down in price, making the gaming industry one of the biggest winners on this holiday.

There are deals, and I’m not going for the extreme deals. I am going to browse, and if I see something I want, I will probably buy it.

— Ryan Bihl

Along with the gaming industry, there are many other electronics which are worth camping out for.  Laptops, cameras, and televisions are also big ticket items for the holiday season. Best Buy has all of these products, and this is one of the busiest stores along with Wal-Mart.

Senior Ryan Bihl will be going out for the shopping holiday. He said, “There are deals, and I’m not going for the extreme deals.  I am going to browse, and if I see something I want, I will probably buy it.”

As the holiday quickly approaches, more and more people will be getting prepared for battle in the epic event known as Black Friday.