And the (pre)election begins

Democrats are competing to see which one will oppose President Trump


The election is coming up relatively soon and people are in a stir. President Trump sits as the current incumbent and is awaiting a challenger, but who will that challenger be?

To answer this curious question, I interviewed three people at Elder High School: Mr. Eisele, the American History teacher and someone versed in the political landscape; Dr. Wahlert, an American Government teacher with personal experience in politics, and Joe Schultz; a senior with an interest in what’s going on in the world.

Current President Donald Trump is up for reelection in November of 2020

Suffice it to say, their answers weren’t exactly similar. They come from various political leanings, with some disagreeing with the other.

For example, Joe Schultz held the opinion that Bernie Sanders would stand a decent chance at competing against Trump, while Mr. Eisele contended that the voting populace would find other Presidential nominees more attractive.

While they didn’t agree on much, they all did come to two conclusions. First, that out of all the democrats running to snatch the opportunity to fight the incumbent, Joe Biden would probably stand the best chance. Among the most common reasons listed was that he is the most center-leaning out of the bunch, and that he has “name recognition” as Dr. Wahlert put it.

Second among the things that they reached a consensus on was that the upcoming election will be a close one. “Unfortunately, people have to pick the lesser of the two evils,” said Eisele, “most people are stuck.” Wahlert expressed that due to the way American politics functions, “they both stand a good chance”.

Potential nominee Joe Biden at a rally in Iowa

The statistics and polls tell a similar story. According to a collection of different surveys, Biden stands the best chance of winning the nomination. Of this, the range includes Biden winning by a measly three points to him winning by a gigantic eighteen. Only one poll has someone else winning, that person being Bernie Sanders – except the poll is limited to the state of Colorado and only has him winning by one point.  On the other side of the spectrum, Steve Bullock, the governor of Montana, has consistently polled the least well. Almost always receiving close to zero points, the only other candidate who seems to be competing with him to lose is Michael Bennet, a senator from Colorado.

Whatever the case, it’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top. Kamala Harris, one of the senators from California, seems to be popular among both the youth and democratic voting minority populace. Elizabeth Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, also seems like a likely candidate, having support from a wide and broad base. And to top it off Bernie Sanders, that famous politician from Vermont, has strong grassroots support, both back in 2016, and now.  Any one of these candidates, from former Vice President Joe Biden to Senator Harris could stand a chance at getting the nomination – it’s anyone’s game.