Friday nights best themes

Favorite theme to wear in The Section under the lights



Cheering section performing the famous ‘Nani Nani’ before a game in 2017

Friday Nights under the lights are finally here.

The student section goes crazy every game while cheering on their teammates, and friends on the field. It is a great atmosphere, and always a good night, especially if the Panthers come out on top which we usually do. Obliviously the section has to all be wearing the same design, or color for the games. I talked to several people, some important, some not, and got their opinions on what their favorite theme is. Read more to see what the top five themes for Elder Football games are!

First, I reached out to the spirit committee (which I am a member of) to get a tally of which theme is the overall favorite from the group. There were a variety of answers from several students, but one appeared more than any other. The Blackout on a Friday night in the Pit was the ultimate favorite. The end decision of putting blackout at number one was made by senior Carter Smith. He said “Our section looks intimidating in all black.”

Now onto the thoughts of an incoming freshman. I am asking for a favorite from each grade and one faculty member. I spoke with freshman Jake Westerkamp aka Snake Westy. It’s a little different with a freshman because he has not experienced a sporting event theme. I chose Jake though because he has an older brother that came through Elder, and I know he was at all the football games as a toddler.

Jake said his favorite theme to see at the Elder football games was easily Jersey theme. He said “I loved seeing all the different jerseys in the section.” Jake loves how the jerseys all different colors, but the theme stays a theme due to all of them being the same type of shirt, a jersey. Jake is anxious for when Jersey night comes and he cannot wait to be showing off his jerseys.

Next, I spoke with sophomore Kellen Sandhas. Kellen said, “Whiteout is easily my favorite them no doubt.” He said it looks awesome wearing all white, and the baby powder played a big role in his decision. He said the section looks good and the team plays well. He also has a variety to choose from, and its not just one jersey.

The Boys leading the section

I then spoke with Junior Jackson Grimmelsman about his opinion. He said “I agree with Westerkamp on the Jersey theme.” He loves showing off his Bam Adebayo jersey Miami Vice jersey. He said “I like the theme because I usually wear purple, black, or white Elder clothes on the weekend and the Jersey is just something new.

Jersey Night

I then spoke with one faculty member. His name is Mr. Justin Quatman, and his opinion was simple, but great. He said, “Blackout is easily the best theme no doubt about it.” I then asked him why, and he said its something you just need to experience. These are the most common favorite themes, and one from each grade!

The Boys in Black