Rose out for season… again

after only 10 games his season is over

out for season after only 10 games

Davis Rensing (photoshop)

out for season after only 10 games

The NBA’s top point guard is out for the season again. In only his 10th game of the regular season, Derrick Rose tore his medial meniscus. Rose will now need another season of rehabilitation to get back to normal.

“The prognosis is 100 percent recovery,” said Chicago Bulls general manager Gar Forman. “He will go through a rehab period that’s going to take approximately six months.”
The 2013-14 season was greatly anticipated for Rose since he sat out the entire last year with knee issues. The last game the 2011 NBA’s most valuable player (MVP) played in was game one of the 2012 playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers when Rose tore the ACL in his left knee. Talk about being down on your luck, Rose now has to miss another season of basketball.

With Rose out of the equation for the rest of the season in Chicago, the Bulls now rely on veteran Kirk Hinrich as well as youngster Marquis Teague to bring up the ball. The talent level of these two combined probably doesn’t equal Derrick Rose’s ability, which leaves the Bulls in a tough spot.
Rose’s injury will also hurt his bank account. Adidas signed him as an effort to try to attack Nike head on in the $3.7 billion basketball shoe market. But, with him missing more than 200 games in three seasons, it will be difficult for them to keep up the excitement about him. The injury could affect his $185 million deal with Adidas, as well as many other endorsements he has as well. Missing one season hurt his exposure, but two seasons could really do some damage.

The problem for Rose when he gets back from his injury will be that both of his knees have now been surgically repaired and he will be prone to reinjuring them. Last time D-Rose was hurt, many people criticized him, calling him lazy or soft because he was cleared to play in March, yet he didn’t even come back to play in the playoffs. Who knows how long the recovery will take this time; will he milk the injury for over a year, or will he rush to make a quick comeback?

Personally, I think Rose will come back just as good as he was in the 2011-12 season when he was the youngest player ever to win the leagues MVP title. Nowadays, athletes can come back from knee surgeries better than ever. A perfect example is Adrian Peterson in the NFL. His best season ever was after returning from both an ACL and MCL tear. Rose will return to greatness similar to A.P. after the injury.

When Rose finally does come back, will he play basketball as just an average point guard, or will he come back as if nothing ever happened to his knees? Hopefully, for basketball fans, D-Rose comes back and gives us the same exhilarating player who does things on the court that others simply can’t.