Alabama vs. LSU: Showdown in Tuscaloosa

Who will come up on top to become the top team in the SEC and in the Nation?

One of the most hyped college matches of the last decade.

One of the most hyped college matches of the last decade.

Reporters have been claiming that the match up between LSU and Alabama this year will be the most anticipated game of the decade. Alabama and LSU have been among the most exciting teams so far this year. Both teams have shown true dominance against other top teams by demolishing them. Both Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa have been very key for their teams as they have led them to undefeated seasons so far this year.

Many analysts believe that LSU has the advantage this year. In the past, Alabama has had the upper hand over LSU, even though recent meetings have been close. Scores came down to Alabama winning by one possession or less. This year, who will be declared winner and become the true number one team in the nation?


LSU has shown tremendous momentum this year by beating top ranked teams that include Auburn and Florida. The transfer from Ohio State, Joe Burrow has

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LSU’s defense celebrating after a late game interception

blown up the stat sheet by leading the Heisman voting halfway through the regular season. LSU wide receiver, Ja’Marr Chase leads the SEC and is eighth in the nation in receiving yards halfway through the season. With their amazing start of a 9-0, they leapfrogged Alabama to become the number 1 team in the nation. Many people believe that this is LSU’s time to shine over the Tide. Alabama lost their momentum with the recent injury to superstar quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

In their recent game against Arkansas, Alabama back up quarterback Mac Jones showed good skills on the field by beating the Razorbacks, 48-7. After ankle surgery, Saban told reporters, “We’ll see what he can do.” Saban will evaluate Tua’s athletic performance earlier in the week and see if he has a chance of being ready to play again for the Crimson Tide. The star-studded quarterback might not recover in time for their game of the season against LSU.


So far this season, the Crimson Tide hasn’t played a serious contender in the SEC. They have played teams that are not known for their football programs that include Duke, New Mexico State, and Southern Miss. With ease, the Crimson Tide has blown out every single one of their opponents by more than two touchdowns per game.

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Tua Tagovailoa, exiting the game with a high ankle sprain against Tennessee

Alabama’s real challenge begins with the game against LSU and their last game before bowl season versus Auburn in the Iron bowl. People always seem to question why Alabama should even be ranked in the top 2 when they play competition that is not as tough as Penn State and Florida who have played multiple top ranked teams.

LSU has the advantage over the Crimson Tide this year just on the basis of beating the No. 9 ranked Florida Gators on the road and the No. 11 Auburn Tigers at Tiger Stadium.

LSU has come into the season by living up to the hype that they have received before 2019 kickoff. LSU now has a star-studded offense to back up for their insane defense that they tend to have every season. However, Alabama has one of the top ranked offenses and defenses in the nation. Also, Alabama has home field advantage over LSU. On the other hand, the last time LSU defeated Alabama, was on the road in 2011.

Final Expectations

On November 9, don’t look forward to seeing a blow-out from one of the two teams. This match up will go down in the books as one of the most anticipated college football games in the past decade. It would be unlikely that one of the two teams absolutely steam-rolls the other.

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Drew Alleman, sinking the game winning field goal in overtime in 2011.

The fans from both schools purchased their tickets to see a really good college football game and many expect one as ticket prices range from $250-400 according to StubHub. Whoever comes out with the win will most likely advance to the SEC championship game and will also most likely make the College football playoff later this year.

Even with a loss added to their record, college football analysts believe that both LSU and Alabama will still make the playoff. Even though this game will not make a huge impact on both teams future poll rankings, this game will go down in college football history.

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“It’s time for Part II”

— LSU Junior Wide Reciever Justin Jefferson