Agon takes wrestling world by storm


For years people have said that wrestling is not an exciting enough sport to make it as entertainment. Agon Wrestling Championships is out to change that belief. Agon wrestling is a new form of professional wrestling completely. It is a branch of wrestling with a bit of UFC flare. Dominant wrestlers now have other options for professional wrestling other than the Olympics or the “fake” wrestling in the WWE.

Agon is not exactly like wrestling at the high school level. It is considered a mixture of folkstyle (normal high school) and freestyle (an Olympic style) wrestling. Agon wrestling is a more “high energy” style of wrestling and many in the wrestling world think it is great improvement for the sport.

Agon wrestling is attempting to showcase its entertainment value by using some of the advertisement models of the UFC, such as ring girls. So far Agon has done a great job, drawing a huge crowd to its first showing (Agon I) in Las Vegas, NV. In Agon I two former National Champions faced off, Ben Askren and Quentin Wright.

Askren came out victorious in a very exciting match which can be seen here at Askren who is an aspiring UFC fighter relished in the opportunity to return to his original sport while still make a little money. For the time being Askren is considered the “face” of Agon. Agon is also trying to entice athletes such as Kyle Dake, a four-time National Champion, and Max Askren, Ben’s brother and a National Champion, to be the poster boys for the organization.

Agon also provides a nice opportunity to wrestlers trying to make a profession in the sport while not having to delve into the UFC world. Many wrestlers thrive in the UFC and Agon believes that it can keep those athletes in the wrestling world and provide better entertainment than the UFC. Agon thinks it can provide entertainment while also keeping their athletes healthier than those in the UFC.

Agon currently has six more events set up between now and the end of 2014 including one in Columbus, Ohio in February. Agon is still the “little brother” to the UFC but it is quickly making a name for itself in the wrestling world at least.