Thanksgiving surprise

Thanksgiving surprise

On the morning of Thanksgiving, I was watching the show Chuck, on Netflix. It was about one o clock and I heard a loud “BOOOOM”. The noise literally made me jump up out of my bed. I looked out my window and there is a car backed in my neighbor’s driveway sideways.

At the time I thought that it was one of my neighbor’s friends who happened to be drunk.  They were having a bonfire. So I lay back down and I hear my neighbors screaming for help. So once again, I jump out of my bed and this time I rushed outside to see what had happened.

When I went outside, I saw a man stuck inside a car, with the car smoking or even on fire. There were about ten people surrounding the car trying to help out this drunken guy that no one knew. Apparently the driver that hit my neighbor’s house was from Kentucky.

After my neighbor found out that car was no longer on fire, they busted all the windows to see if there was anyone else in the car besides the driver.

They later identified the driver by his I.D. as Ryan Akers.  After seeing there was no one in car beside the driver, the police department and the fire department showed up.

Since it is Thanksgiving morning, there must have been nothing to do because the whole division was there to help out my neighbor and the guy stuck in the car. There must have been at least five fire trucks, an ambulance, and four police cruisers. The dark night lit up with the colors of the flashing lights and the wail of the sirens.

After the law took over the scene I talked to my neighbor Nick, and he told me the whole story. He told me that he was a guy from Kentucky and he started off two houses down and came up and almost ramped over their driveway while taking out a few trees.

One of Nick’s friends happened to start her 2013 Chevy Malibu with her remote car starter and was about to walk outside to get in her vehicle when the driver came flying by in his 2003 Nissan Xterra.

After the fire department was successful in rescuing Mr. Akers, they cleaned up the some of trees and some of the debris of the cars and drove the cars back to the impound with Mr. Akers only having some minor injuries.