The flashy the iconic and the ugly


Throughout recent history we have seen a major change in the uniforms our sports teams wear. Ever since Oregon’s football uniform it seems as if everyone has tried to adopt to the newer flashier uniforms. Teams like Baylor, Northwestern, and Seattle Seahawks have all seemed to embrace the new style.

While it seems that the younger generation is eager to see more of the flashy uniforms, there are also many who oppose these uniforms and prefer the classic more bland uniforms. For this reason, I have chosen to make a list of the coolest and ugliest of these new style uniforms in football while also paying tribute to the most iconic uniforms in sports.

The Flashy


It’s only fit to lead off the list of flashy with Oregon’s football team. In the 2011 National Championship Oregon wore one of their particularly iconic uniforms; with white and silver jerseys, gray pants, along with gray helmets with neon yellow logos. Oregon is the hub for the new era of uniforms, they consistently are the model of college football teams trying to put a little flash in their game day wear. It doesn’t seem as if it will change anytime soon with Oregon wearing a plethora of new and extremely popular uniforms this year.

Oregon Uniforms\


When one thinks about uniforms, the military academies of Army and Navy do not instantly pop into one’s mind. But for their upcoming meeting Nike’s Pro Combat line has out done themselves again. The helmets on these uniforms are the centerpiece. Army’s gold and black and Navy’s white, gold, and navy helmets are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Along with a very cool undershirt for Navy featuring “Don’t Give Up The Ship” in bold letters.

Uniforms Navy Army

The Iconic

Baltimore Ravens All Black Alternate

The Ravens “Blackout” uniforms have been a staple in the NFL for some time now. Made popular by future hall of famers like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, these uniforms have helped intimidate Baltimore’s opponents for years. The all black pants, jerseys, helmets, and socks provide a very simple look, but are still one of the favorites among NFL fans.

Uniforms Baltimore

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have arguably the most iconic uniforms of all time. The classic Silver and Black is famous throughout the country and the world. The late great Al Davis came up with the colors and the multiple locations of the franchise have all embraced them. Along with sports fans, the uniforms are also popular with rap groups. Rappers like Snoop Dog, Eazy E, Ice Cube, and Ice T have all sported the iconic Silver and Black.

Uniforms Oakland

The Ugly

2007 Philadelphia Eagle’s Throwbacks

These were actually the uniforms of the Frankford Yellow Jackets of the 1920s. Frankford is a section of the northeast part of Philadelphia. The franchise suspended operations in 1931. They featured yellow and baby blue jerseys. They were flat out ugly, and that’s really all that can be said about these uniforms.

Uniforms Eagles

Golden State Warriors Sleeved Jerseys

For some odd reason someone has decided that sleeves now have a place in basketball uniforms. Throughout history, both NBA and NCAA, basketball teams have worn sleeveless jerseys and that’s just the way it has been. Not until the Golden State Warriors debuted their bold new sleeved look last year had we seen anything like this on the basketball court. Now we see other franchises following suit. Louisville, UCLA, and Baylor all sported sleeved uniforms during March Madness last year. Now it has been released that on Christmas Day the Heat, Rockets, and Lakers will all be wearing the new sleeved style. Frankly I think it is a terrible choice, they are ugly and have no place on the basketball court. I appreciate the effort to be groundbreaking, but c’mon clearly this look is not going to work out.

Uniforms Warriors