Top FCC moments (according to me)

Recalling my top three moments from five seasons with the beloved blue and orange.

Just two games into the 2020 regular season, COVID-19 decides its going to drop the hammer for all sports.


I was on Kairos when all hell broke loose, which saw cancellations in the NCAA MBB Tournament, MLS, XFL, MLB, and Aussie Rules Football. I am heartbroken because I can’t watch the orange and blue, chant and sing in the Bailey, and especially light off flares. To shed some light in this dark time here are my top three favorite moments in FC Cincinnati history (in no particular order) that have a special place in my heart.

Djiby Fall Historic Moment 1/2. Edit created by Gus Schlomer

Hell Is Real 1 (2017 US Open Cup)

This game was a mess. I say a mess because it was a forced rivalry that turned into real hatefulness. This game will always hold a special place in my heart because I hate Columbus; and Djiby Fall scored the winning header in front of the Bailey (my section). For any 14-year-old to be by himself in a large stadium with 27 thousand + at the game. It was just insane. I have never heard the stadium louder then when Djiby scored that goal.

Doster of USA Today
Young and passionate fan celebrates FC Cincinnati’s second goal vs. Portland on March 17, 2019


2019 Home Opener vs. Portland Timbers

Going into this game, the fans were on a bit of a high. Two weeks prior we made our league debut and scored arguably the goal of the year (too bad, Wiebe). We drove into Atlanta and crashed their home opener in front of 75 thousand people and ruined their championship ring ceremony by taking a point on the road. It was safe to say both fans and players/team staff were coming into this game with radiating BDE. I can vividly remember the march to the stadium. there were three thousand people filling the streets of Clifton to march and two thousand more in the stadium to march with us to the Bailey. Taking three points from this match at home in the home opener really iced the cake for me at number two on the list.

Aaron Doster
Mar 17, 2019; Cincinnati, OH, USA; FC Cincinnati forward Fanendo Adi (9) against the Portland Timbers at Nippert Stadium. (Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports)

The release of Fanendo Adi (2020)

It only took a whole off season, but FCC finally had enough of Adi and decided to buy out his contract for 800,000 dollars. Yes, that is a massive amount of money, but it needed to be done. This buyout also opened $1.198 Million in cap space. The fact that this is so high on my list is that the stupid Columbus Crew bought him for $200,000. Let me reiterate, I hate the Crew. They are plastic and outdated. The crew should have moved to Austin when they had the chance. The only good thing they have done in the last 10 years is bring back Crew Cat, but is that really a help or a hindrance because crew cat looks like it ran across the street and got its face run over by a child’s bicycle tire.

The fact that Caleb Porter and the Haslam Family thought this was a good idea to bring Adi to Columbus is beyond me, but, hey, they took him off our hands and he hasn’t played a minute for them yet.