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Q and A with former FC Cincinnati and current Tampa Bay center back Forrest Lasso.

Forrest Lasso Scores a Header far post in 2018 at Nippert Stadium

Forrest Lasso Scores a Header far post in 2018 at Nippert Stadium

After reaching out to 32 professional athletes for interviews during this quarantine, we got someone.

Not just anyone, former FC Cincinnati center back and current Tampa Bay Rowdies center back Forrest Lasso. Not to put anyone on blast, but seven current and former FCC players did not open or see my DM but it is what it is. I contacted Forrest over Instagram DM to ask him a few questions. I really enjoyed this opportunity and thank you to Forrest for responding and taking part.

Gus Schlomer: Forrest, you spent 2018 and 2019 with FC Cincinnati and for the 2020 season you are with the Tampa Bay Rowdies. How did it feel to get some MLS minutes? What are you looking forward to with the Rowdies this season?

Forrest Lasso: Felt great. It was a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to play professionally and play in MLS. Playing in a handful of games this past year was a surreal feeling, yet I need more. I’m extremely excited for this year and what’s ahead. We have an extremely talented side with a dressing room full of quality guys. We’re all anxious to get back to it.

GS: The 2018 FC Cincinnati squad is the most memorable squad and the most winning squad in club history. do you have any favorite moments and memories with the club or just a favorite game?

FL: 2018 was a special year with a lot of special memories. My first goal for Cincinnati was special, as was winning the eastern conference in Harrisburg and then the regular season in Richmond. The most special would have to be the playoff win at home against Nashville SC at home that went into penalties in front of 30K+!

GS: We are currently in unprecedented times, How are you staying fit during quarantine and keeping in contact with your teammates and other guys on the squad?

FL: These times are definitely unique. With everything going on, we’ve had to transition back to how it all used to be. Grabbing your boots, a ball, a few cones, and heading to the field. In essence, running and doing ball work on my own. In terms on staying in touch with the lads, we have multiple group chats, zoom meetings, etc.

GS: You had a very big 2018 season and had in my opinion a big 2019 season for the minutes you got last season. What are your goals to have a big 2020 season?

FL: Its a cliche answer but there are two essentially synonymous. Team success breeds individual success. Being transparent, I want to keep improving individually. I want to improve the areas in my game that are weaker both technically and tactically.

GS: Can you explain Faith Family Futbol in general and what it means?

FL: FaithFamilyFutbol has taken on a many faces, or rather evolved over the years. It is and started as a reminder, evolved into a blog, a website, and now a clothing brand. If you go to FaithFamilyFutbol.com you can read blog entries about the history of the brand, the story being the meaning, etc.

I have linked Forrest’s website and blog above along with his store. In the second link, the blog entry “The Meaning Behind It All” is linked. Here is an excerpt.

Forrest Lasso Scores a header to the far post in 2018 at Nippert Stadium

“For my past three professional seasons I’ve written “F.F.F” on the tape that covers my wristband on my right arm; the wristband story is for another time.” – Lasso, December 2019.