Ranking the top 5 Elder CC courses


Andrew Amman (Left) and Kevin Schenkel (Right) mid race.

Much like many sports here at Elder, cross country is rife with tradition. Whether it be the pre-race rituals that have stuck for almost 50 years or newer ones such as the Monday trips to speedway, there is no doubt that tradition is a big part of the culture of cross country.

One part of this tradition that is often overlooked is the courses. The cross country team at Elder has run at a plethora of courses throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. I got the chance to sit down with the team captains this year to see what their favorite courses were.

I first sat down with senior co-captain Brandon Vetter to discuss his favorite courses and what he believes makes a course special. “My favorite would probably be Midwest Meet of Champions.” As a person who has run at this course twice, I’d call him delusional, but I decided to hear him out. “ I think what makes this course special is the infamous hill and of course the woods, and it’s easy to PR at.” Brandon is no stranger to different courses, as he has been a runner since the seventh grade.

I next had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Schenkel, who is also a senior co-captain and four year veteran of the team. I asked him what he thought was the hardest course to run at in his four years with the team. “ Honestly, I think it’d be Mason.” He’s not lying, Mason is hell on earth. “ I just think that the people who organize the meet try to get to fancy with the hay bails and the creek’ and mulch hill. Every runner dreads it.”

Both guys gave me their top 5 courses and why they liked them, and they were incredibly close to each other.

Elvin R. King CC Course at Cedarville University


Both Kevin and Brandon expressed that they liked this course for it’s flatness, which of course leads to a faster race, and a better PR. Brandon is the 2019 reigning champ of the JV race here.


This course is out in the sticks, but it is worth the drive. Brandon remarked on the flatness of the course as well as how wide it is. “It is a bonified cross country course and nothing else, which I think makes it really special.”


Kevin said he liked this course because of the different terrain it offers, grass, gravel, and even some mulch mixed in there. “It’s also really fast.” Kevin broke 17 minutes in the 5K for the first time here, so naturally it will always hold a special place in his heart.


This one is where Brandon first broke 17 minutes, it’s fast, and easy to follow, not much else to say but a great job to whoever designed the course.


If you work hard enough to get the post season and end up in the top 7 you get to run at this beauty of a course. It’s flat, fast, and is surrounded by nothing but super tall grass and corn. It is every distance runner’s dream, and perfect for a big PR.