Purple Quill Presents: The Match

Mitch Meyer and Luke Lammers face off against Henry Mazza and Brandon Vetter in the first ever recorded golf match in Quill History.

On Wednesday, October 12th, the greatest golf match in the history of the Purple Quill was played at Aston Oaks Golf Course. At 8:33 AM, Luke Lammers and I teed off against fellow Quill writers, Brandon Vetter and Henry Mazza, in a two-man scramble. This match was recorded, edited, and put on YouTube for all viewers to enjoy.

We got two stud golfers with us in Henry and Luke, who are most likely going to carry me and Brandon.

Henry Mazza

Henry is a 3-year Varsity golfer, with a very solid average of 40.5 strokes for 9 holes, being third on the team. His lowest 9-hole score was 34 (-2) at Beavercreek golf course. His lowest 18-hole score was a 73 for 18 holes at Arcadia Bluffs in Michigan. I asked him his prediction for the match, and he said, “Luke is a good stroke player, don’t get me wrong, but when there is nothing on the line, he is pregnant cat urine. Brandon and I know how to play without caring, welcome to the slaughterhouse.” Bit bold if you ask me, but we will see if his words live up to the hype.

Screen shot taken from Mr. Rogers’ 2019 district finals video

Luke Lammers

Like Henry, Lammers is a 3-year Varsity golfer. He has a very good stroke average of 38.6 this year, only .8 away from the top golfer: junior Victor Caliguri. His lowest 9 holes at Elder was a 32 (-3) and his best 18-hole score is 69 (nice). I have played in multiple scrambles with Mr. Lammers, and he puts on a show, rarely needing our help. I asked Lammers on his opinion of what Mr. Mazza said, “Henry can talk his talk, we’ll see who really gets sent to the slaughterhouse when we’re on the links.”

Now that we got the pros introductions over with, let us talk about the amateurs.

Brandon Vetter

Sweet Strokin’ Brandon Vetter has been a rival of mine for quite some time. He may only be able to hit his drives a whopping 160 yards, but his irons are pretty dang strong. He’s a legend at Robin’s Nest (still hasn’t beaten me, though). For a very average golfer, Brandon has got a mean chipping game. However, three putts is his middle name.

taken from Brandon’s phone

He may be able to get on the green, but he lacks the composure to get it in the hole when its easiest. During his last outing at Aston with me, he especially struggled putting, killing his morale. I’ve gotten word that he has been working on this aspect of his game so we will see how it goes. His quote to me was; “You suck, and you’re going to lose.” Pretty hurtful, but I’ll let it slide.

Mitchell Meyer

Describing myself is probably not the best thing, due to criticizing my game on the daily. When I hit it straight, I can hit my drives 250+ yards, but there’s like a 50% chance of that happening. My irons are usually pretty solid as long as I don’t get in my head too much (happens a lot). My chipping is pretty good, as long as I don’t try to be too fancy like I usually do. The one part of my game I am 100% confident in is my putting. With a putting green in my basement, I always get a good amount of reps in, perfecting my craft. I do not have a quote to say; I’m just going to let my game do the talking.

So there you have it folks, be sure to not miss this once in a lifetime golf match. We will be sure not to disappoint.