Super Teams alert!

A deep dive into what CYO teams are trying to stack and what teams want to keep it loyal.

CYO basketball has returned.

The most wonderful time of the year still perseveres through these COVID-19 times. What also persists, is the teaming up to create super teams. What teams are these and what teams are not? Here’s what I have to say:


St. Jude

Click to see Chris Pohlman drain a half court shot in a video 7 years ago.

Already a talented squad alone, with additions from other schools, these Bulldogs are talented. They have four ex-Elder basketball players: Kyle Dressman, Michael Olthaus, Chris Pohlman, and Brian Weber. Kyle Dressman has told me about the team, especially being excited about the addition of Our Lady of Victory’s Weber. A deadly shooter and mean ball handler, Brian is going to improve the already fiery Jude offense. The other Our Lady of Victory superstar, Chris Pohlman, is on this team as well. They gained Ben Eisenman also, who we all know changes the course of a game as soon as he’s on the court. Don’t take these boys lightly, watch out for the Bulldogs to make a run this year.

St. Antoninus

St. A’s is ready for another bounce-back season. With the addition of Saint Catherine’s Joe Folzenlogan and St. Teresa’s Mitchell Bareswilt, along with an already elite athlete in Jake James, the Jags are on pace to have a phenomenal season. Folzee, who was an Elder basketball stud, is a new edition to the team. Saying that Catherine’s had about four people in his grade, he had no choice but to play for the Jaguars. The Antoninus boys were super excited about having him on the team. “We have so much potential. The ability is not in question for what we can do, I’d say we are a sleeper given last year’s performance,” guard Aaron Wagner said. “Folze really is going to help us spread the floor. He’s the piece we needed.” Watch out for the Jags this year: they’re on the rise.


St. Dominic

Chris Mueller has high hopes for this season, “we got a solid squad, and I think we could take on anybody in this league.” And they surely can, but they’ll be slept on without a doubt. Jarrett Caskey will definitely put up some big numbers, a natural born star. Be prepared to seem some 360 dunks from the likes of Nick Naber and Ryan Lamont, because these Dominic players are prepared to absolutely shock the entire CYO basketball fanbase.

Our Lady of Visitation (Stautberg)

I chose this team because most people think this team will not win a single game: I think they’re wrong. “You know me, I’m an honest man. This team isn’t looking good this year,” said sharpshooter Will Stautberg. “We are striving for some upsets this year, especially against Jude and Antoninus. Jake Russell and Jack Kammerer are for sure going to be a couple players on pace for breakout seasons.” Jake and his brother Josh are going to be big factors for this Visi offense. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

We are striving for some upsets this year, especially against Jude and Antoninus.

— Will Stautberg

All in all, it’s going to be an interesting CYO season. One I’m sure we all will never forget.