WestJet Airlines scores free publicity


The passengers await to receive their bags when unexpectedly receive a Christmas Miracle

The Christmas season can be hectic with traveling to visit friends and family over the holiday break. WestJet, a low cost Canadian airline, took advantage of this. What they did definitely got them more publicity than what they have been used to.

There is a warm, feel good video on YouTube that promotes WestJet Airlines. It was a normal day for the passengers of a WestJet flight at the airport. But, to their surprise, when they went to check in, a video of Santa Claus popped up on the screen. Santa proceeded to ask what they wanted for Christmas and naturally they people told Santa. The recording was live while workers of the airline were in the background taking down notes of what everybody wanted.

After everybody was aboard the plane, the WestJet team went out and bought everything that everyone said they wanted. They hustled and bustled looking for each present. They then took the presents back to the airport and wrapped them in wrapping paper with bows on top and put the passengers’ names on them. The team then drove to where the plane was landing to give the travelers a big surprise.

With the passengers now landed and waiting at the baggage claim, an alarm went off. The passengers looked around in confusion wondering what was going on. All of a sudden the presents start coming down the conveyor belt. The astonished people go and get their presents while Santa comes out and greets them with a big old Christmas hug. Tears of joy came from many of the travelers, calling it a Christmas miracle.

In my opinion this is one of the best publicity ideas ever created. It is a win-win situation; it gives WestJet more attention while spreading a positive message to the public about giving during the Christmas season. As well as, it was cheaper than doing a normal commercial. This stunt turned out to be a total success and whoever the genius was who created the idea deserves a huge pay-raise.

Click the link below to see the video.