Golf has been changed forever


Tiger Woods was recently in a possibly fatal car crash. He suffered horrible injuries to both of his legs, badly wounding the bone and muscles, meaning he could possibly never be able to play golf again. It isn’t certain if he will ever reach his former glory. This is leading many including myself to wonder if he will ever return to professional golf. 

This is not the first time Tiger has been a point of focus in the golf community; his affairs made him the focus of lots of criticism for years. His mighty swing caused several injuries resulting in many surgeries and countless conversations always buzzed about whether he would return, and he always did. 

This is most likely Tiger’s most serious injury to date. So many are wondering if he will return to golf. Unfortunately I can’t call Tiger on the phone and ask him (I tried) so I asked members of the Elder varsity golf team if they think he will ever return to professional golf. 

When asking Logan Bacher, he said, “I’d say judging on Tiger’s condition, a lot of people are going to doubt him, but I think he has a really good chance of coming back. If there is one thing Tiger Woods has proved to everyone after being in the PGA for so many years, it is that he can bounce back. I know as soon as it happened our whole team was talking about it because he is someone we all look up to, and I think he knows that he has millions of people that follow his lead, which is just going to be more motivation for him to get back into it.”

When Tiger played in the 2019 Masters no one thought he had a real chance to win. His injury was noticeable in his swings and he wasn’t looking good early in the tournament. But Tiger in usual Tiger fashion shocked everyone that week winning the masters in one of Golf’s greatest comeback stories. 

Andrew Menninger said, “I think what happened to him is a real tragedy. They said there is a possibility he could never walk right again but he has made it through tons of adversity and surgeries so far, so I’m sure he can do it again. He is one of most dedicated athletes in the world and his dedication to the sport will help him through his accident. He has already made it through a back fusion, multiple scandals, and many knee surgeries so I’m sure he can make it through this.” 

It seems that these players have faith that Tiger will return and I’m sure everyone is hoping he comes back with a bang. 

Tiger is without a doubt one of if not the most influential golfers in  history. He is without a doubt one of the most controversial and most talked about golfers in history, and he is one of the most dedicated golfers to ever play. I hope that he will return to the sport when he’s ready and I will most definitely be cheering him on.