Authorities find body because of social media


Gabby Petito with the police August 12, 2021. Just days before she went missing.

As many know, the internet has played a big role in the mystery of the death of Gabby Petito.

This story is appealing because without social media, she would have never been found. It all started back in July. Gabby Petito (22), and Brian Laundrie (23) started in New York on a cross country adventure. They were traveling in a white van and planning on exploring out west from this time up until Halloween.

Then on September 1, Brian returned home to Florida without Gabby. Ten days later her family reported her missing, and now Brian is no where to be found.

Things started to get weird when Gabby stopped posting on social media. Her parents said that was the first thing they noticed. Rewind back to August 12. Police got a call for a possible domestic violence disturbance. Gabby and Brian often fought, but this time he allegedly hit her, and she hit him, too. Both later decided there would be no charges pressed and the police wanted them to just spend some time alone without each other. Looking back on it, it would have been a blessing if the two were separated for good on that day.

Map of where Gabby was found.

Gabby and Brian grew up together in Long Island, New York, before Brian’s parents moved to Florida. On September 20, the FBI raided the home of  Laundrie’s parents, taking any data they could find. They were seen carrying many boxes of materials in and out of the house.

It has been confirmed that the body found on the campground at Bridger-Teton National Forest near Wyoming, is Gabby Petito. The story of how they found her body is wild. A man was editing his YouTube video and when he went back to delete a clip, he saw Gabby’s van on the side of this trail. Her body was found relatively close to her vehicle. Without this youtuber and social media, who knows where this case would be right now.

Her death has been ruled a homicide and her fiancé is the main focus of the investigation. Brian has not been seen in quite a while, but just a few days ago he went live on Instagram for about three seconds. The only thing visible was the inside of a boat, and water surrounding it.

As the search for Brian continues, it makes me think how without social media, Gabby would have never been found.

On September 26, the FBI again raided the home of the Laundrie’s, and collected Brian’s “personal items”.  It is a mystery if Brian took his own life or if he is still on the loose, but he is the main suspect of this homcide and there is a warrant for his arrest.

It is believed that Brian now is using a burner phone, because the FBI collected his regular phone from the house. Brian went live for three seconds so it is assumed that he is using a burner phone and a US Marshall says this is very common for a fugitive to have.