Perfect pep rallies are possible


Our first pep rally in over a year featured a memorable skit before the St. Edward’s game.

Pep rallies are what drive school spirit. They are the embodiment of the excitement and brotherhood that school sports create. As a result, it is crucial that those who plan the pep rallies create something that will be remembered by the players and the fans. Indeed, there are a few aspects that make a pep rally great — or even perfect.

An amazing hype speech

Every school has that one person that can hype up a city. Whether it be a student, teacher, or faculty member. It is important to recognize who this person is. Furthermore, it is crucial to always have this person present in the pep rallies. It does not matter whether you place them at the beginning, middle, or end. If they are good, they will have the same effect. So why is a hype speech so important? Because it gives people hope and brings them together. Whether you are playing the worst team in the state or playing a team that will almost certainly defeat yours, a hype speech makes you forget about all of that: it makes the fans feel on top of the world.

Elder High School’s hype man is the man, the myth, the legend: Dr. Wahlert. His voice booms and echoes throughout the stadium, and the students jump with excitement. He makes the school feel like the impossible is attainable, and that is what makes him the perfect hype man and part of the perfect pep rally.

A great skit

A skit is normally a short fictional, comedic story that makes fun of the opposing team. Why is this a necessity? Because it motivates the team. It makes them feel like than can and will get the win. Furthermore, it makes people look forward to the pep rally. Pep rallies need something to look forward to. If they do not, people will dread going to them and will just look for them to be over with. Skits are what make pep rallies memorable. Some of Elder High School’s best pep rallies have featured wrestling matches, tables breaking, and many other gags. Each school has a certain stereotype that is caricatured in the pep rallies. It creates school spirit: our team is better than your team. It makes people eager to attend the game and win the battle.

Pep Rally
Elder High School pep rally cheers

Incredible cheers

Every school has its well-known or favorite cheers. Elder has many: nani-nani, shoulder-to-shoulder, “We’re from Elder, we’re number one!”, “E-L-D-E-R-ELDER”. It makes the students feel connected. It makes the players feel like the fans are always with them and cheering them on. Many of these cheers are unique to the school, which heightens their school spirit. However, these cheers are risky: they need to be done correctly. If they are done poorly, such as having the timing wrong, they are damaging to the overall experience. However, if they are done correctly, they excite the students more than one could imagine.

A talented band

Music evokes emotion. Pep rally are supposed to excite the audience, and there is no easier way to do that than by the school’s fight song. Elder has two songs that it loves to play: the fight song and alma mater. These two songs embody the Elder spirit. It reminds us why we play hard and why we love the school. The band is an important part of evoking that spirit and pride that is needed during and after pep rallies.

Indeed, pep rallies are important for the players, fans, and school. The players need to feel supported when they win and lose, and they need to believe that they can and will win every game ahead of them. The fans need to believe in their team and have the energy to support them. The school needs to be bonded together: stronger together than apart. A pep rally needs to be successful, or else it will damage the school’s spirit. For a pep rally to do its job in a perfect manner, it needs a hype speech, a skit, cheers, and a band. All of these work together in an intricate way to produce hope, excitement, and community: school spirit. There is nothing like a perfect pep rally.