Elder senior shows off graphic design skills


Shawn Wyatt

Huff has been taking graphic design more seriously since he started becoming more interested in creating content.

Elder senior and fellow Quill writer, Josh Huff is one of the most creative guys I know. This is clear just from looking at some of the stories he has written online, as well as the graphics he has made. He has come up with some very unique ideas for what to write about. Some of his interests are music, space, and movies. He is also an experienced designer in Photoshop. About a year ago, he started his Instagram account @huffgrafix.

On this Instagram account, many interesting and carefully designed graphics and images are on display for all to see. This is something that caught my attention when I started to become more interested in graphic design. I went to him for help because he knows what he is doing, and it very good at it.

Some of his designs look like they were done by someone who has been working in Photoshop for years, but Huff only started about a year ago. For most of his online stories for The Quill, he has made his own graphics to help communicate his ideas even better. Some of these are combinations of various images that all have to do with whatever he is writing. He is great when it comes to composition in his work, nothing looks out of place, and it all comes together well.

I like to combine creativity and my own personal interests.”

— Josh Huff

Most of his designs are based off his interests, some of the major ones being space, music, and sports. He has made several graphics about NASA and relating to space travel. He has also done several designs of album covers and movie posters. Some of his personal favorites are a poster he made for Kanye West’s Donda album, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Another one of his favorite designs a jersey redesign for the Elder cross country team.

Huff has also received lots of praise from his friends and classmates for his designs, and it is something he would like to continue moving forward. In college, he would like to major in either graphic design or media production, two fields that he would probably excel in because of the work he has already done. He is applying to the college of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) at the University of Cincinnati. His future in media and design should be bright based on what he has shown so far.