Tom Brady retires from NFL

Some people know him as the old quarterback for the Patriots, the quarterback for the Buccaneers, Gisele’s husband or that guy on those commercials.

I know him as the goat. The best to ever do it.

THE BEST football player of all time has officially retired. Tom Brady has officially retired from the NFL. Tom Brady left us with 22 seasons of outstanding football. In his time he won seven Super Bowls. He was invited to 15 Pro Bowls. However, he could only play in a few because he was constantly playing in the Super Bowl. 

There has been a ton of confusion about his retirement. A week ago, Adam Schefter, an American sports writer tweeted out that Tom Brady had officially retired. Many people began to freak out and were posting so much about it. However, this was not the case. Tom Brady told the news that he was nowhere near making a decision about retiring. Ironically, a few days later in an Instagram/twitter post  Brady officially announced his retirement.

It’s crazy how these news reporters let the word get out before the player can. They should let the player make the announcement himself and control how they want it to be done. After all, a guy like Tom Brady deserves to announce his retirement anyway he wants. He has changed the game forever and deserves to be the one to tell his millions of supporters.

I wanted to take a step back on this and look at the legacy he has truly built for the game of football. Tom was born in California in 1977. He grew up watching the 49er’s play as he loved the great quarterback Joe Montana.

Tom grew up with a ball in his hand. He excelled at both baseball and football in high school. Due to his success, he was drafted by the Expos, but ultimately chose football and attended Michigan. He did not start until his junior year, but he played very well when he got the chance to play.

Tom then went on to have one of the worst NFL Combine’s ever. He showed up looking extremely out of shape. He ran one of the slowest QB 40 times ever. This led to him being a sixth round draft pick by the Patriots.

Tom Brady fired up after winning his 5th Super Bowl (WBUR)

He was a backup but after just two games in the 2001 season, the starter, Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Brady went in and the rest is history. He went on to win the Super Bowl and became Super Bowl MVP. From there the Patriots became a dynasty.

Tom has been the best player in the league every single year from that point. This resulted in  winning seven Super Bowls. He has taken many players and coaches along with him. He truly has made all of them better with his mentality and leadership.

He was questioned so many times by people when he became older. A lot of times if he had a bad game people were ready to rule him out. This fueled the fire. He dominated every season.

One huge debate was when Tom decided to leave the Patriots. Many people thought he could not win without Belichick. They said he was the only reason for his success. Tom quickly shut down this thought by winning the Super Bowl the season after he left.

Time and time again he proved people wrong. He has been counted out his whole life, but that only fueled his mentality. It brought an edge to him that no one else has. All he knows how to do is win. He is a winner, it’s in his blood.

One of the craziest things ever was to see Tom be able to play that long at that age. I mean, yeah some kickers can play that long, but a quarterback? He is getting hit every game and still is able to go that long.

Each off season Tom made his body right. He only ate healthy things. He never cheated in his diet. Tom constantly worked on plyometrics and band lifts. He knew exactly what to do to keep his body up to date. Once looked at being out of shape at the combine, to now being looked at as the healthiest man in America.

I don’t know what it will be like without Tom. He has made the game better in a tremendous way. I’m not sure if there will ever be anyone better. I mean, he just wins. All the time he wins. That’s what he is known for. He is known as the Goat of football.