Will Snyder’s wrongs change the NFL?

Will Snyders wrongs change the NFL?

The Washington Commanders have been considered a terrible and underperforming team for numerous years. Whether you may believe it’s because of player talent or coaching, every NFL fan can agree that Dan Snyder is a big part of the team’s failure and is considered the worst the owner in football.

Snyder has owned majority of the team since 1999 and in March of 2021 Snyder bought the minority shares in the team for full control after owners granted him a $450 million debt waiver. Recently, Snyder has been on the hot seat from fans and owners alike, particularly by Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay

“There is merit for the owners to remove Snyder from the League.”

“Any potential transaction would have to be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote by three quarters of the full membership (24 of 32 teams),” said league spokesperson Brian McCarthy. The league will have it’s next owners meeting in December where we can see a potential booting of Snyder from the NFL.

This is not the first controversy for the Commanders. The Washington Commanders have been put under federal investigation by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform for workplace misconduct and unlawful financial conduct. The NFL has also added their second investigation against the organization for the same reasons by former U.S. attorney general Mary Jo White. These investigations c2me into play after the February 2021 investigation made against the Commanders, then called The Washington Football Team, for toxic workplace and sexual misconduct on Snyder by a former employee. Both Snyder and the organization were fined $10 million.

In early November Dan and his wife Tanya Snyder, who has taken control of the Commanders since early 2022 because of investigations, have hired Bank of America for a potential selling of the team. The Commanders told NFL reporter Ian Rapoport that the Snyders are exploring all options when asked if they were selling the whole franchise or just parts of it. Recent reports have indicated that Snyder will sell the entire franchise. There has been talk of some big name buyers interested in owning the organization. Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z ┬áhave met over a dinner creating speculation that they will buy the team in a partnership. Matthew McConaughey has also been mentioned, along with Kevin Durant saying he would love to be a part of ownership of the Commanders. “In a perfect world, I would be a part of it,” said the basketball superstar.

KD and McConaughey have been long time fans of the team. The reported asking price of the Commanders organization would roughly be around $7 billion, beating out the Broncos selling price of $4.95 billion to Walmart heir Rob Walton.

Pat McAfee thumbnail on Snyder investigations

A problem arises though as more pop-culture stars come out and start owning teams. With football being the most popular sport in the United States, every player wants to play for a winning team and chase that coveted ring but if more and more stars start owning teams, players may want to play for the team not because they can win but because of a certain owner. Former NFL kicker Pat McAfee said it best during his daily show, “If Jay-Z owns the Commanders, it’ll be a hot destination to play in the NFL.”

Sometimes it can be great when a star owns a team. We can see this in the example of Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton being a part owner of the Denver Broncos. Being a British native there was an incentive to bring the Broncos to play a game in London and every year we see the payoff of teams traveling internationally bringing in packed Football turned American Football stadiums, selling out every game. Regardless who comes to own the Commanders next season, this story will alter the way owners are looked at throughout the coming years by fans and media alike.