A look at 2023 MLB Free Agents’ potential new homes


“Fly ball down the right field line. Tucker comes on. Kyle Tucker… This time they finish the job! The Houston Astros [are] World Champions!”

It’s that time of the year again. A long 2022 season has come to a close and the Astros have once again claimed the throne. While the players’ jobs on the field come to rest, some players are on the search for a new home, and teams’ front offices are pulling strings for the top competitors.

The offseason is about to come into full swing this winter  and once again there are many free agents. This offseason the headlines contain info about teams that are looking to improve a roster and shoot for a ring next October. Fans, dreading the long period without a slider being thrown and a bunt being executed (like that ever happens any more), can stay in touch by learning about some of these veterans and their possible landing spots.

Aaron Judge

All rise! All front offices must rise to pay this man after an historic season, where he hit an AL record 63 home runs. The 282 lb. titan will bring his judgement to a few organizations that seem to have the ability to fit a worthy contract in the budget. Alright, enough with the judge puns, but he seriously is going to be influential wherever he ends up. He will not merely be an added piece, but a team’s win-it-all announcement. Of course, the Yankees, one of the largest markets in baseball, would love to have him back. But after the postseason “boo’s” and his rejection of a 7-year, $213.5 million dollar extension earlier this season, his return to the Bronx seems unlikely. Another more likely team has approached the table, seeming that the room has been made for him. The San Francisco Giants would love to add the 6′-7″ giant, boldly declaring that they will not be out-bid, and, honestly, I buy it. I think they could out-dual the mighty pinstripes. It makes sense, too, to make this move for Judge. Judge grew up just an hour and forty-five minutes east of San Francisco in Linden, California. Also, with pieces like Joc Pederson and Austin Dean already in the outfield and a solid infield, Judge could give this roster a massive bat that proves troublesome for pitching staffs. The Giants could be a true contender in an already stacked NL West with the addition of Judge and an improved bullpen. This seems to be the obvious place for Aaron to take the bench.

Jacob deGrom

One of the best pitchers in baseball will be testing the waters this winter. The future Hall of Famer returned from injury this season, achieving 64.1 IP, 40 H, 22 ER, 9 HR, 8 BB, and 102 K in just 11 games. His line was impressive and will contest for one of the top salaries to accompany his transfer. While he could return to the Mets, giving the big apple another shot (only for them to blow up towards the end of the year) this may not be his best option. One Mets’ insider claims that deGrom would want to come back if circumstances were good, but it is truly a matter of paying him. He was already offered $32.5 million guaranteed for the 2023 season alone. Much more, and the rest of Cohen’s quickly built roster could take a serious hit. So, the question rises, who has the room to pay the man? Well, many different names have been thrown out there. Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers. There are many different guesses out there currently. The Atlanta Braves, however, seem to catch the eye. The in-division rival has been extremely competitive the last few years, even winning a World Series as recently as 2021. They keep finding crazy deals and fantastic contracts to resign their own players for extended time, who’s to say they cannot do it with a free agent. Besides, the addition of deGrom could really cover up the sudden times where the offense seemed to lack as an entire unit. Another NL East team who was just in this year’s world series, the Philadelphia Phillies, are major contenders as well. After a shocking run to the title, the Phillies front office wonders what improvements they can make to push them over the edge. One of the top pitchers in baseball could give them one of, if not the, strongest rotation in baseball. Maybe a NL East rival would be more appetizing than the big apple.

Trea Turner

Trea Turner is once again a major name in a hectic shortstop free agent class. Seriously, every other name on this last is a SS. Honestly, Trea Turner may be the most balanced SS in the league. He is definitely in the conversation as best at the position, though that is an entirely different argument. While unlikely, I could see him re-signing with the Dodgers. LA has been good to him. But I also see him as one of the many stars who play for the Dodgers and leave soon after. The New York Yankees again appear to have the potential of landing this stud. I do not think it is a great fit for him, however. I do not think the environment will fit his style. I also believe that the Yankees will have to lose quite a few players, which looks more and more likely, for this to look good for Turner. The openings and money would be hard to turn down. If Dansby Swanson leaves the Braves, which I doubt will happen, he could pursue an opening there. I think a sneaky team would be the Cubs, however. Their current starting SS is Nico Hoerner, a solid role player. I like him in the position, but Turner is an obvious upgrade. The Cubs have silently been adding some pretty good players in a weak NL Central, and an explosive signing as such could really send the division out of whack. Each other team of the division would have to decide to continue to rebuild and become a pity to the league, or spend money just to compete, potentially hurting them in the long run. It is one of the best pick ups in the entire division if they can pull it off. For similar reasons, I could see the Guardians pursuing Turner, but I find it hard to imagine him in a Cleveland jersey. The Cubs may sign the Central’s next force to be reckoned with.

Carlos Correa

This is, in my honest opinion, a total wild card. For more experienced and educated people, this is probably not the case. But I just cannot get a feel for the guy. I have never been fond of his play. No, I do not have to be a direct fan to try and interpret what will happen this offseason, but I just do not get him whatsoever. For what I have watched of him, he is a powerful SS. I do not think, however, that he is a great. I think he lost a lot of his “swag” in Minnesota. His style does have a good fit. Baltimore wants him fly them to the postseason. The Orioles came out swinging hard this year and missed the playoffs in a hard fought AL East. Some veteran leadership in a clubhouse of young players, as well as just recently losing and trading 1B Trey Mancini, could go a long way for the franchise. There is a potential he could try to follow Aaron Judge to the Bay Area, but I find this less likely. I think Baltimore would be a good fit. And, for his sake, I think he would succeed there. I hope that he can bring that city a postseason appearance, instead of returning to his former team winning the World Series again.

Xander Bogaerts

The final SS on this list intrigues me quite a bit. I watched him play while working a Reds game as a ball boy this year and really enjoyed his defense. He appeared smooth, calm, and confident. He is without a doubt one of the most talented SS in the league. He especially accelerated once again at the end of the season. Now, Boston had a strange season. They were struggling alongside the rest of the division, floating between 2nd and 3rd place. At the deadline, it seemed that they did not decide to buy in and go for the pennant, but the didn’t sell and rebuild either. They seemed to be the most mediocre team in the league at times. Even with this, they seemed to compete at a decent level, so they could really improve this offseason and do more damage than people expect, especially with a Yankees team that may likely fall. This is entirely a gut decision, and I fully believe it, but Boston is his home and he will stay a Red Sox. I cannot imagine him leaving. It just does not feel right. But the front office has to do the right thing and make him this team’s hero. I need Jared Carrabis to get the entire city to yell and scream and convince the Red Sox to give him the cash. The quicker they sign his contract the better. It is honestly truly up to the front office: Can they pay him? If not, they can ship him out west with Mookie, and that would be heart-breaking for the league.

There are so many elite free agents this year that I highly suggest you search to at least see who is up on the market so that you will be ready for all the changes and are not too surprised. It is insane the amount of talent that will be making decisions this offseason. This may also lead to trades being made by your favorite team to create room. Who knows? It will create for a crazy winter and spring and may really shake up the league.