Cleaning out the purple closet

Cleaning out the purple closet

On March sixth, Elder held a garage sale. The garage sale was located in Elder’s very own wrestling and volleyball gym. The garage sale happens once every three or so years. The garage sale is to sell all of the old gear and old uniforms so Elder has more room for the incoming new supplies.

The garage sale features everything from soccer uniforms, football jerseys, basketball uniforms, wrestling uniforms, volleyball uniforms, and last but not least, baseball uniforms. Prices for the uniforms range from five dollars to about seventy-five dollars. Elder was also selling the football teams used and worn helmets for seventy-five dollars.

Students can buy the uniforms and wear them to all the games they attend to show their colors. They can also wear them on Fridays when Elder celebrates its weekly holiday, Purple Friday. Parents, faculty, and members of the Elder community were also invited to come and purchase some of the Elder merchandise.

Some students were happy with some of the items they have received in the Garage Sale and some students were not so happy with what they bought. Savion Truitt bought a wrestling bag for five dollars and didn’t realize that there was no zipper on the bag. He responded by saying, “That was a waste of five dollars”.

Steve Maurer bought an Elder soccer jersey and was very pleased with his purchase. The jersey cost him five dollars which is a fantastic deal. He responded by saying, “I am happy with the jersey I bought.”

Personally I went into the gym during my lunch period which is, “Y” lunch and was not very happy with what I saw. There wasn’t really much to offer or buy. Nothing really seemed to interest me because all the jerseys were very old and torn apart. The “X” lunch period got to buy all the good items.