The Bengals should target McFadden, Revis to put them over the top

The Bengals should target McFadden, Revis to put them over the top

It is another offseason in Cincinnati and another offseason of speculation that the Bengals could spend some of their massive cap space on a big name free agent or other acquisition.

It seems like every year the Bengals have a jaw-dropping amount of money to spend in the offseason. This year they have around 30 million dollars to spend in cap space. Now, they will likely spend around 10 million to sign draft picks, and re-sign some of their less-heralded players.

That still leaves around 20 million dollars to either re-sign defensive end Michael Johnson and offensive lineman Anthony Collins or upgrade their team through other players.

20 million might not seem like it is that much compared to last year’s staggering 55 million dollars they had to spend. Of course the Bengals didn’t do a lot with that money. They were thought to be suitors for Pro-Bowl safety Dashon Goldson but the Bengals declined to match the 50 million he got from the Bucs. Instead, they opted to give Geno Adkins a well-deserved extension to the tune of a six year 55 million dollar pact.

Both A.J Green and Andy Dalton, their first and second round picks in the 2010 draft respectively, are extension eligible. They could lock both of them up long term but that isn’t the Mike Brown-way. Green will demand a big time contract of over 100 million and close to what Calvin Johnson got from Detroit. The Bengals will likely get him cheap this year then franchise him next year to save money.

It would make sense to lock Andy Dalton up long-term now. The Bengals would have all of the leverage after Dalton’s recent failures in the playoffs and the intense microscope he has been under. Plus, you don’t want to see a Joe Flacco situation in which he wins a Super Bowl and commands elite quarterback money that would cash strap the franchise.

Although those moves make sense the Bengals won’t do them. They will likely just eat the 20 million in cap space and save the money. However, there are some moves the Bengals should consider if they want to make a serious run at a Super Bowl.

The first move would be to trade a third-round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis.

This move would make sense for both teams. Revis is a product of the old-regime in Tampa and doesn’t fit new coach Lovie Smith’s system. Smith likes to play cover two while Revis’ main skill is man-to-man coverage. Plus, Revis is due to make 16 million dollars in each of the next four years. The Bucs might want to recoup some of the value they traded for him while Revis is still in his prime.

Revis also makes sense for the Bengals. Cincinnati’s main issue on defense was at cornerback last year. Leon Hall tore his Achilles, Terrance Newman is past his prime, Adam Jones just simply isn’t a number one corner, and Dre Kirkpatrick struggled mightily at times.

Revis would give the Bengals a shut-down corner that takes away half the field. That would be huge for a team who thrives on blitzing the passer such as the Bengals.

He could also tutor Dre Kirkpatrick who plays a similar style as Revis. A physical man-to-man corner.

It’s not like the Bengals would be breaking the bank, either. If they cut Leon Hall and his 8.7 million dollar cap-figure then it would like paying Revis an extra 8 million and he would be worth it. Especially to a team like the Bengals who always have cap-room.

Plus, if they don’t want to keep him around next year or the next three because of the money they can always trade him or cut him. If they trade him they would be able to get some value for him. If they cut him it wouldn’t cost them a dime. None of the remaining salary left on his contract is guaranteed.

Another move the team might want to consider is signing former Raiders tailback Darren McFadden.

McFadden thrived in Oakland under then-Raiders coach and current Bengals offensive coordinator Hugh Jackson. Yes, the same Hugh Jackson that gave us a first round pick and second round pick for the “retired” Carson Palmer.

The only issue with McFadden over the years has been his inability to stay healthy. He has had a mirage of injuries and will likely be forced to take a one-year deal to prove he can stay healthy. That is the where the Bengals come in. Not only would McFadden likely have to accept a one-year deal this is also a very tough running back market.

This would be extremely low-risk, high reward. If he doesn’t pan out then we can simply let him walk after one year and cheap pay and give Geo Bernard most of the carries.

In this situation the Bengals would probably release the massively overpaid Benjarvous Green-Ellis and his three million dollar cap figure.

I would give Run-DMC a one year, two million dollar deal with incentives of games played, rushing yards, and carries.

If the Bengals sign those two players and have a strong draft. Darren McFadden and Darrelle Revis can put the Bengals over-the-top.