This Week in Fantasy Football: Week One

The man, the myth, the legend.

The man, the myth, the legend.

The start of the NFL seasons begins tonight, but the most important thing starting tonight is Fantasy Football. Everyone is scrambling to get their lineups set, struggling to choose between players to start. I’m here to tell you who I would start for week one.

QB: Aside from the obvious Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. My top QB this week is Nick Foles. After the monstrous season he had after Vick went down, he was a godsend to fantasy players searching for a QB1. Foles is not going to throw for 27 touchdowns and two interceptions this year, his totals may be a little more balanced, but he is still a top tier fantasy QB. Foles and his Eagles take on the awful Jaguars this week. I expect a route of Jacksonville with Foles throwing at least three touchdowns. If you don’t have a Manning or Rodgers. Start Foles versus the Jags.

RB: Like Foles; McCoy is going to run all over one of the league’s worst run defenses but he isn’t who I’m going to tell you to start because he’s too obvious. My pick is Montee Ball. With the departure of Knowshon Moreno, his carries and workload are going to increase. Known as a pass catching running back, Ball still can run the ball. He was a beast at Wisconsin and has been an okay running back with Denver. The reason for my pick; Moreno was a top five running back in fantasy last year mostly because of Peyton’s record brteaking dominance in the air. Moreno had less men in the box because defenses had to cover the pass with Peyton’s arm slinging for over 300 yards almost every game. Peyton’s passing should continue to open up more holes and chances for Ball to have a big game and a big year. I like Ball because of Indy’s defensive totals against the run last year were not good.

WR: Of course Calvin Johnson, A.J Green and Dez Bryant are among the best in the league, but there no brainers to start. My pick this week is Antonio Brown. He is a deep threat in Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger’s favorite target. Brown had his coming out party last year and against the Brown’s I like him, even though Joe Haden will be guarding him. Start Brown because of his deep play ability and speed.

TE: Jimmy Graham is the best Tight End in the game and is probably one of the best players in the league but for you unlucky people who didn’t get him early. I would start Jordan Cameron. I know people don’t like him because of his inconsistent play last year. However, with Brian Hoyer starting he had great games putting up 25 points and 17. That’s why I would start him. Don’t leave him on the bench. Cameron is Hoyer’s favorite target, and with Gordon suspended, Cameron is the go to guy in Cleveland.

Flex: Some people prefer running backs in this position, others wide receivers. So I’ll do a running back flex and wide receiver flex.

Flex RB: Typically this is a running back not worth starting but worth putting in if he is the best player on your bench. For running backs, I like Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD is the more appealing because he has been a top running back in past and a new place may be good for him. He is in Oakland which some people say isn’t better, but he needed a change. Jacksonville is not really a place you want to be in the NFL. Oakland isn’t either but at least they are more of a running team. Gabbert was absolutely awful in Jacksonville. New QB Derek Carr will provide life for the Oakland offense. Darren McFadden is always hurt so expect MJD to get the bulk of the carries this year. He will get most of the goal line carries because McFadden isn’t used for that purpose. So put MJD as your flex this week, if you prefer running backs.

Flex WR: Emmanuel Sanders, why? Because he is playing in Denver with Peyton Manning. With Welker being out for four games due to “poppin’ a molly” I expect Sanders to get more targets. Sanders had one of his best years in Pittsburgh. I only expect his best in Denver. Why do I like him in a flex or even as a WR2 position? Because Manning lost Decker, who he loved to throw too. Thomas will be his go to guy, but I like Sanders as his second favorite target. You watch. Emmanuel Sanders is going to have a great year.