iOS Software Renewed

iOS Software Renewed

Recently, Apple came out with a brand new operating system which completely changed what they had come out with. The iOS 7 operating system revolutionized the iPhone experience. It made the interface for the phone much easier to navigate.

That was a year ago. This year, in the early weeks of September, Apple decided to re-do their current operating system and come out with iOS 8. iOS 8 is a completely new operating system. Some of the newest and most notable features are the voice features when you’re texting, smart keyboard, and the spotlight search. There are many more features than the ones that I just named, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind.

The iOS software has disappointed people in the past, especially with iOS 7. That was one of the worst disappointments that Apple has ever had. Many people were expecting revolutionary changes. In reality, the iPhone users only got minor changes with a new look.

This time around, with iOS 8, I was looking for a brand new way of operating the phone with the same basic design. Apps are always going to be apps and there will always be the easy way of getting to the apps, but I was hoping to see some big changes as reparations for the disappointing iOS 7 update.

Sadly, this time iPhone 4 users, which is what I am, were not allowed to get the update mainly because it would slow down the phone immensely. I was hoping that others were willing to share their thoughts on ios 8.

Mike Ridder, a fellow member of the class of 2016, is one of the people that I know of that was quick to download the new software update. I know that Mike was not pleased with the update of iOS 7 and he also was expecting this one to be very good. However, Mike was not able to download the new software even though his model of iPhone is eligible for the download. Mike was not able to download it because iOS 8 asks for a certain amount of memory.

Mike said, “I was pretty mad that I couldn’t download it. I just ignored it and stayed with iOS 7.” iOS 8 was a disappointing release in Mike’s eyes. He told me that he had heard that a lot of people disliked the release so he was kind of happy that he didn’t go through with the download.

I asked fellow journalist Jacob Geiser’s girlfriend, Erica Pohlman, of Seton, what she thought about the new update because she was able to download it.

Erica told me that she didn’t like it overall. She continued, “If I had to pick if I liked it or not, I’d say that I don’t like it. I did like it at first though.” She also said that it deleted a lot of her pictures.

The overall consensus of the update was that the people didn’t like that changes. Maybe, I should be thankful that I have such an outdated phone so it was impossible for me to make the mistake of downloading the new software.