Frolf while we’re off


13th hole at Mt. Airy’s Forest Frisbee gold course

This Christmas break was anything but normal.

The “white Christmas” we hear about in Christmas carols was replaced by dead grass, and mild temperatures. Though the temperatures made it impossible to enjoy traditional winter break activities such as skiing and sledding, the weather seemed ideal for a select few.

With the weather looking more like spring break, rather than winter, it was a perfect time for the men of Elder’s Frisbee Golf Club to hit the chains.

A favorite course among the club members is Mt. Airy Forest.

Mt. Airy, is known for having one of the best Frisbee golf courses around. With its own pro-shop, The Nati Disk Golf Pro-Shop, and self-maintaining course, it is an ideal place to spend the warmer days of summer.

“The course was perfect for it being December,” said senior club member Michael Palmisano.

Palmisano and friends took full advantage of the warm weather, making several trips to the course throughout the break.

“I played some of the best rounds I ever had during the break.” Palmisano took three strokes off from his previous best, proving the Christmas spirit is truly a magical time.

Another active member in the Frisbee golf community is Jason “Jay” Bleh.

Bleh is more of a summer player when it comes to frolf. When weather turns, so does Jay’s game.

“I haven’t been shooting my best lately, but it is still nice to get out here and toss a disk this late in the season.”

The sport of disk golf has been on the rise in the recent years. More and more people are taking to the chains to relieve stress, or to just have fun.

One of the biggest names in disk golf is Brodie Smith.

Smith has made a name for himself by posting videos of himself making so gnarly shots. Brodie has found huge success in the world of vine, a video sharing app in which people share and comment on videos.

Smith has had multiple videos go viral, giving huge advertisement for the world of Frisbee golf.