The Sean Casey interview

Meeting a boyhood idol was more than what I envisioned


It was a great experience to interview Sean Casey, something I won’t ever forget.

When I found out that I was one of the three students to be interviewing Sean Casey I was pumped.

The guy was my favorite player when he came to Cincinnati, my first player’s jersey I ever owned. It’s the chance of a lifetime to be able to interview a man like him. I was nervous when he walked in, I thought he would be suited up, no not Sean Casey. He strolled in with some jeans, good pair of running shoes on his feet and an Elder polo shirt.

I immediately felt relaxed for some reason. During the course of that interview I was so shocked at how nice he was. I heard all the stories of how he was known as the Mayor, never really knew why until I asked him. But this guy was something else. Always smiling it seemed, happy to be a part of our interview, I don’t think most guys would be too excited to be interviewed by a couple of high school kids for the school newspaper.

He was different, gave long good and very meaningful answers to Alex, Rob and I. He didn’t care how late he would’ve been to the V.I.P part of the Stag, he focused on taking part of our interview. That’s all that really seemed to matter to him within those 8-10 minutes we all had to ask our questions.

All three of us took different angles, a few questions were similar but others were different. We each had different goals, or answers that we seeked. From what I found out about him, he really loves this city and all the people in it. From what he told Jeremy Rauch over at Fox 19, “One day, I do think I want to get back on the field or in the front office, and I’d love to do it with the Reds.”

You kidding me? He would be a great get for this organization, no doubt about that. One thing he told me when he answered my question about his initial reaction to being inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame.

He said, “I cried, you know? I knew I would never would make it to Cooperstown, this was MY Cooperstown moment in my career.” To know that’s how much it meant to him, really was pretty cool feeling. I was honored to be able to talk to a guy like Sean Casey, he truly is great guy and lives up to his name “The Mayor”.