35 years later, America still remembers the Miracle on Ice

35 years later, America still remembers the Miracle on Ice

Underdogs are the team that all true sports fans continue to root for. They have the best story book endings and bring fans to their feet with every win. The 1980 USA hockey team is the epitome of a loveable underdog team.

A bunch of college kids thrown together to compete against some of the greatest players in the world. Herb Brooks manned the helm as head coach of the US team. He pushed his players to the limits so that they would be worthy adversaries for the Soviets.

The Soviet Union national team was comprised of the best players in their nation, not college students who just got finished playing for their university. The Soviets were the favorite to win the Olympics, their goalie was highly regarded as the best in the world and many of their players were counted among the best in the world. The Soviets were so out of our league that nobody thought we could win.

In 1980, America was not in the best place. The 1970s was regarded as one of the worst decades in our nation’s history. Americans did not trust the government, there was no patriotic feeling in the nation. Hippies were so antiwar that riots destroyed innocent American businesses and people. There was a major difference in the common people of America and the people running America.

These Olympic Games, in a way, turned the people around and gave them a patriotic sense. The Cold War was still going on and just like the Vietnam War it broke America apart. The people did not want to be involved in the war and patriotism was scarce. However as the USA team made their run people came together to support a common cause, something that had been lost for a while.

The Soviets were major favorites, but the Americans were young and ambitious. It started off hot both teams jarring at each other. The Soviets didn’t even expect us to score one goal so when we scored two the coach took out their starting goalie, who was highly regarded. With the score tied at the third period Mike Eruzione scored the goal for USA that would propel them to victory. With over ten minutes remaining the USA held off with Jimmy Craig giving one of the greatest performances by a goalie in the history of the sport.

The people of America came together and celebrated together for a USA team. A patriotic act by the people of America, something that was lost but was quickly regained through this one game. This game was so much more than a shot at the gold medal, it turned out to be an example of Americans changing their feeling towards our great nation.