Prom: get ready for it!

Purple Quill editor Nikola Rackers with Victoria Justice at Prom 2k14

Purple Quill editor Nikola Rackers with Victoria Justice at Prom 2k14

Spring can’t get here soon enough.

After being snowed in like the Torrance family in The Shining and shivering in subzero temperatures, spring will seem like a gift from God. Spring also means that summer is just over the horizon.

The temperatures will rise. The sun will come out from behind the clouds. The birds will chirp, and the flowers will bloom. We can finally break out the shorts and t-shirts again. It’s also time to bust out the moves, because spring is prom season!

After your first awkward freshman dance, and your sophomore dance that was possibly cancelled, prom is the big one. Unlike the freshman and sophomore dances, prom is not here at school in Elder’s cafeteria. And no, it’s not at the infamous Woodlands in Cleves either.

After using the Woodlands for years, Elder’s prom will be at The Syndicate in Newport for its second consecutive year. The change of venue breaths some new life into the event.

“The location of the Syndicate was nicely different from the usual Woodlands,” said Nick Conda, who attended prom as a junior last year.

There is one man in particular who raises the roof at Elder’s prom. That man is Elder’s very own Mr. Schlomer. Mr. Schlomer is a witty Algebra II and AP Stats teacher that also moonlights as a skilled DJ who plays both classics and the newest hits.

“It was nice having Mr. Schlomer as the DJ because he is a familiar face. He is a pretty awesome dude! Sometimes he samples his music in class which is always cool,” said Conda.

Unlike other Elder dances, prom is not just a suit-and-tie affair. Rather, it demands a slick tuxedo, usually one matching your date’s prom dress. Most Elder students rent their tuxedos at Brogan & Hesketh at 4109 Glenway or Peppe Ramundo & Son at 5229 Glenway.

Lastly, you’ll need a date for prom. Technically, you could fly solo, but it’s almost unheard of for a guy to go to prom stag. Girlfriend, neighbor, friend, or whoever, you should find a date. That is, unless you want to treat yourself to nice pre-prom dinner and slow dance with yourself.

Timing can be important. Nick Conda said you should ask your prospective date “probably about a month beforehand. That way it’s not so late that you don’t have time for plan B (like me), but not so early that you seem desperate.”

Prom is March 28th, so you better get moving. Tickets are $50 per couple, or $25 if you actually decide to go stag. The dance will run from 8:30-11:30 at the Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky.