Mayweather vs. Pacquaio; hardly the fight of the century

The much anticipated “Mayweather vs. Pacquaio” fight is said and done, now it is time to ask one question. Was it really the fight of the century?


Picture via: Bleacher Report

Well, it has been settled. As of May 2, Floyd  Mayweather is the better fighter than Manny Pacquiao. That is if you go by the score and unanimous decision in favor of Mayweather.

I watched the fight, this so called fight of the century that some say is five years too late. More on that later in the article, but if you spent the $100 to watch it then you are probably like me and thought it was a boring fight.

That is unless you liked watching Mayweather spend half the match hugging Pacquiao, running around, and protecting his face so Pacquiao wouldn’t do this to it. Then you must have loved this fight.

However, if you didn’t like that part of the fight, then it was a waste of money. A lot of people displayed that general feeling toward the fight. One of those people was Mohamed Sanu.Mohamed Sanu

This fight was boxing’s one night to come back into the national spotlight. It came, and faded as each round went on. I finally understood why boxing had faded and is now a dead sport. A summary of the fight can be seen below:

It was boring. So you can win a fight by doing what Mayweather did, protect his face and land a few punches. People want to see UFC like fighting.

UFC has become the new boxing because people are throwing punches, kicks, and wrestling. UFC fighters draw blood, it grabs people’s attention, not two guys spending half the match hugging each other (Thanks to Mayweather). Boxing was great back when it had Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Mike Tyson. It was more exciting then.

Now it has been surpassed by team sports. You can’t tell me you like watching boxing more than Steph Curry breaking ankles, or the NFL on Sundays and college football on Saturdays. It can’t compete with how much ESPN shows the NFL, NBA, MLB and all of the star athletes. People watch that stuff constantly, they get hooked.

Boxing can’t compete with the effect team sports have on the sports market. Boxing just doesn’t have enough spice to it. You don’t say, “Hey you want come over and watch Jake Thompson fight Tyson Jones?” (Not real people, I’m just trying to prove a point)

No, no one wants to come over and watch two no names box, they want to come over and watch Monday Night Football, or LeBron vs. Curry. It is the truth, and it is because people can fall in love with a team.

It is tough to fall in love with a boxer. This fight was going to bring boxing back into the national spotlight for one night, and now, it is gone, as quick as my interest was with that fight after round five. Gone.

Now I don’t watch boxing, I didn’t watch videos of previous fights for the two boxers. All I knew coming in was that Mayweather has a big mouth, loves to make money, and was undefeated. I knew Pacquiao was one heckuva fighter who has been lobbying for this fight for a long time.

I wanted Pacquiao to win the fight because I despise everything Mayweather is. He makes money, that’s all he cares about, and also he is one of the cockiest guys I have ever seen. I know he hasn’t lost a match yet, but there is no way he is better than Muhammad Ali.

Pacquiao was the underdog and had most people on his side. I mean, people started to chant “Manny, Manny, Manny” during the course of the fight. People wanted Pacquiao to win, there was no doubt about that.

That seemed to fuel Mayweather, everything he did got under my skin and I was just watching him. The way he fights, walks around and looks likes he thinks he is the best to ever box.

That bugged me. He is like Christian Laettner, he knew he was the best, and he walked around like it, and people hated that about him and they hate the same thing about Mayweather.

Mayweather just sat there and seemed to only throw counter punches at Pacquaio, while Pacquiao for the most part seemed to be attacking him. (Not to mention Pacquaio fought in this fight, with a torn labrum that has required surgery. A 9-12 month recovery process is in the works for Pac.)

But Pacquaio never landed that deadly blow due to Mayweather just sitting their blocking his face. It would’ve bored me to sleep, but I had to drive home from babysitting, so I couldn’t afford that.

The so called “fight of the century” didn’t really live up to the hype. The hype of the fight was bigger than anything else, and everything leading up to it.

There is a ton of controversy with Mayweather, concerning everything that has happened in his life up to the fight. There is the beating of his wife in front of his kids, seemingly getting away with it too, and the way he thinks about himself.

He had Michelle Beadle of ESPN, and Rachel Nichols of CNN Sports banned from the fight due to their public opinions on Mayweather and domestic violence. They were just doing their job, and because it put Mayweather under the microscope of the public eye, he couldn’t have them there.

I’m not going to go into the extremes of what happened that night, but I leave this for you. When your own son calls you a “coward” I think that is when you know how much it affected his family.

Even with the recent decision that Mayweather would give Pacquaio a rematch, it still doesn’t change my mind on that this fight wasn’t as good as advertised. I know for a fact that I would not dish out $100 again for the so called “Fight of the Century part Dos.”