Top picks of the NFL draft


The 2015 NFL draft is officially over as all 32 NFL teams picked the players needed to make their teams complete come next fall. The NFL draft is a time where some veterans in the league lose their spots to incoming rookies from college. However, most of the players in the NFL were once drafted and remember the feeling of constant pressure on these incoming rookies’ backs. It is a special opportunity for both the team and the player to both utilize each other’s resources to help make a name for themselves and for the team’s sake- win a Super Bowl.

Most years, there is one standout player that will obviously be the first pick and he will pack his bags and go to the team with the worst record the year before. In this year’s draft, however, there were two prospects to be chosen from.

Both are quarterbacks and Heisman trophy winners, Marcus Mariota from Oregon the more recent winner in the 2014 season, while Jameis Winston of Florida State the 2013 winner. Both have a remarkable skill set and talent that can transfer smoothly from the collegiate level to the NFL. Both had incredible 2014 seasons and led their teams to the college football playoffs, but both lost to the champions in Ohio State University.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were first pick in the 2015 NFL draft and already came out saying they were going to pick one of these quarterbacks with their pick. As the time came, the Bucs selected who they thought would fit better in their system and went with the pocket passer Jameis Winston. Winston had a solid NFL combine and the Bucs were impressed with everything he brought to the table.

Buccaneers fan Nick Merz said, “I’m really excited to see what Jameis is going to do for this football organization. He is a great quarterback and if he can cleanup some off the field issues, he could quickly rise as one of the best in the league.”

Mariota, however winning the Heisman this year over Winston, was picked second and is heading to Music City to play for the struggling Tennessee Titans. The Titans seem to lack a sense of leadership, and the bred leader in Marcus Mariota could definitely set this team on the right track.

My cousin who lives in Tennessee is anxious to see Mariota put on the Titans jersey for the first time and represent his city proudly. “I think Mariota will be a great fit for this year’s lineup and I am guessing he will lead this team for their first winning record in a long time.”

The third pick in the draft, Dante Fowler Jr. went to a young and aspiring Jacksonville Jaguars team. The Jaguars have done a lot of work all offseason for their offense, so they took it upon themselves to pick the #1 rated linebacker out of the University of Florida.  Fowler Jr. stands at 6’3” tall, weighs nearly 265 pounds, and is compared to NFL’s star pass rusher in Oakland Khalil Mack. Fowler Jr. dominated every single play at Florida and was one of the most humble college players this year. He has a very impressive NFL combine and will quickly set himself as a leader on the Jaguars defense and in the entire NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars really made out with this pick as they plan to make a run for the wild card spot this upcoming 2015-2016 season. The NFL draft was very successful this year and we are all excited to see what the players can prove come August.