Elder putt-putt tees off

Elder putt-putt tees off

With every new year at Elder, comes the possibility of new clubs being organized by the student body. Among the plethora of fresh and pristine clubs at Elder, one that has perhaps grabbed the attention of all, is the Elder Putt-Putt Club. It is also known as the Elder Gentleman’s Mini Golf Club.

This club has been kept exceptionally quiet until now. Since it originated from the minds of two enterprising seniors, the club has only been talked about among the senior class at a hushed level.

We sat down with Mr. Rogers, the moderator of the club and asked him a few questions. After asking if he was excited to be the moderator of the club, he responded with, “There have been few thrills to match my excitement in my six years at Elder, I used to work at a Putt-Putt course so this takes me back to my roots.”

We then asked Mr. Rogers whether or not Elder’s golf team would become jealous, or otherwise worried that he was now in control of another golf-related organization. Rogers answered, “Yeah, they are a pretty territorial team, however I think by expanding my coaching repertoire I can make myself more attractive to other schools with higher offers and things like that.”

Mr. Rogers was not the only person we sat down and interviewed. We took a stroll down Westbourne Avenue to the place where the Elder Putt-Putt Team can be found every Sunday night, General Custer’s.

After taking a quick look around the course, we walked up to the ice cream stand where we found an idle employee eager to answer our questions. We asked her if she was excited to be hosting the Elder Putt-Putt Team here at General Custer’s. She answered with, “I didn’t even know there was an Elder Putt-Putt Team, nor did I know they were coming here.”

We then turned our attention to the establishment itself asking if she had ever met the actual General Custer. She puzzlingly answered, “No, he’s dead.”

If a teacher or employee’s word isn’t convincing enough for you, maybe a student’s will be. Matt Burwinkel, a member of the Elder Putt-Putt club, cordially agreed to answer some of the questions we had for him.

We asked Matt if he was enjoying the Putt-Putt Club so far and what he liked most about it. He told us that he most definitely enjoyed the club, and he liked how serious everyone took it while still joking around and having a good time.

We also asked Matt if he ever threw his putter across the course in anger or frustration. He responded with, “Oh yes, all the time. Whenever I miss a putt it causes me a great deal of agony, which I express by throwing my putter as far as I can.”

Video by Michael Ridder '16 and Max Gramke '16

The Elder Putt-Putt Club meets every Sunday night at General Custer’s around six or seven in the evening. For more information about this club, contact the authors of this article.