Seeing double

Three sets of twins in the Elder community all share a common birthday.


Every year on October 3rd the entire Elder community gets a rare opportunity. The opportunity to wish, not one, not two, but three sets of twins a happy birthday.

That’s right three sets of twins all born on the same day. However, a birthday may be the only thing that the twins have in common.

One set of twins is the Reiters, Janie and Joey.  They are both juniors currently attending Seton and Elder High schools, but Joey is older by 37 minutes. These two have a unique situation from the other two sets of twins, seeing as how they are opposite gender.

Joey had some interesting responses to the  questions I asked him about having a twin.

Everyone knows that in every set of twins there is an evil one. Joey claims that “Janie is definitely the evil one.” We also know that there is always a favorite. Joey says that the favorite changes daily.

One would think that Joey would have an advantage when it comes to talking to the ladies because he has a twin sister. However, Joey is confident in himself and says that he doesn’t need Janie’s help to get girls. Whatever you say Joey, whatever you say man.

A rumor that has been going around for some time about the Reiter twins is that Joey stole all of the nutrients. He says that this rumor isn’t true, even though his “physique may make it seem true.” In other words, he thinks he’s huge.

The next set of twins is the Smiths. Collier and Devlin. They are also both juniors and attend Elder, but Collier is older by ten minutes. However, going to the same school may be the only thing that these two have in common.

Devlin and Collier are extremely different from each other in their looks. These two simply do not look similar at all. Collier is much taller and has curly hair; while, Devlin is shorter and has straight hair. Devlin told me that people are very surprised when they find out that him and Collier are twins. He also informed me that he looks more like their dad and Collier looks more like their mom.

Then I asked Devlin a couple of the same questions that I asked Joey.

He told me that he considers himself the evil twin because he “gets in trouble a little bit more.” He also said that neither of the two are the favorite.

The final set of twins is the Robbs. Tony and Drew graduated from Elder in 2015 and are now freshmen in college. Drew is older by eight minutes and goes to the University of Cincinnati; while his not-so-little brother Tony is at The State University. These two are definitely the most similar when it comes to looks of the three sets. The only out standing differences between these two are their height and the fact that Drew’s nose is crooked from when he broke it when he was younger.

Even though they both now attend different schools, they still have experienced being confused for each other by some of their classmates. “People still confuse me with Drew, even though he doesn’t go here,”  said Tony.

These two also probably have the biggest sibling rivalry of all the twins. This is proven just by the responses that I got while asking them questions. They both think of each other as the “evil twin” and they both think of themselves as the favorite because their “mommy tells them so.”

Obviously it’s not all bad blood between them. They both said that it has been difficult not being with each other every day like they have been for their entire lives. Drew commented that “the only good thing is that Tony isn’t here to steal all the girls from me.” Nice try Drew, we all know you wouldn’t be getting girls anyway.

All three sets of twins are connected both by their birthday and through the Elder community. So if you see any of them make sure to wish them a happy (late) birthday.