Royals take series

Kansas City repeats 30 years since last title.


Kansas City Royals win World Series

Thirty years ago, the Kansas City Royals won their first world championship since becoming a franchise in 1969. But right when the Royals looked to have a promising future after winning in ’85, they failed to even make the postseason until 2014 where they lost in the world series to the San Francisco Giants. Fortunately, after thirty long years, the Royals finally won their second title.

The 1985 Kansas City Royals
The 1985 Kansas City Royals

The Royals did not have a player hit over 22 home-runs or have a starting pitcher strike out over 155 hitters, in fact they finished 6th worst in home runs and 8th worst in pitching strikeouts, but as a team they finished 6th in runs scored and in the top 10 in earned run average.

I asked Sopohmore Justin Donovan about his thoughts on Kansas City.

“They definitely proved that they are not the most talented team in the M.L.B., but they are the best team. They always just seem to find a way to win, whether it is with the home run or capitalizing from the opposing team’s mistakes, they find a way.”

Kansas City took down the New York Mets in five games, and they trailed in all four games they eventually won.

The Royals won Game 1 after Alex Gordon tied it with solo home-run in the 9th. The game eventually went 14 innings and ended when Eric Hosmer hit a walk-off sacrifice fly. That home run was arguably the most important moment of the series because Mets closer Jesus Familia had not blown a save since mid-July, and Alex Gordon only hit 13 home runs during the regular season, but nonetheless, the Royals found a way to win. That home run set the tone for how the rest of the series was going to go.

The most exciting game came on Halloween night with the Royals ahead in the series 2-1. The Mets were winning by a run in the top of 8th, but a costly error by second baseman Daniel Murphy put the Royals up by two runs and sent Kansas City up 3-1 heading into Game 5. Murphy had been unbelievable in the N.L.D.S. and the N.L.C.S with seven home runs in nine games. Unfortunately, he couldn’t field a routine ground ball in which ruined the chances of New York taking home the ultimate prize.

I asked Junior Tyler Jackson about how Murphy’s error impacted the Mets.

“Defense wins championships,” said Jackson. “You can hit the ball all you want, but if you give the opposition extra outs you’re going to lose.”

Defense also played an important role in Game 5 when the Royals clinched it. With the game in the top of the 9th and the Royals down 2-1 and Hosmer on third, Salvador Perez hit a chopper to David Wright that pulled him away from the base. Hosmer took advantage and took off for home as soon as Wright threw it to first. After Duda caught the ball at first, he failed to make a good throw home and Kansas City would send the game into extras. Then finally in the 12th, the Royals went on to score five runs and end a painful thirty year drought.

I caught up with sophomore Brandon Meyers and he said that his favorite moment of the series was when Lorenzo Cain stole second base in Game 1 and won America free taco bell breakfast. There is nothing better than a free A.M crunch crap says Meyers, it certainly made this world series better than it already was.

The only bad part about the Royals winning a world championship is that baseball fans have to wait another 365 days to see whether or not the Royals can win back to back titles. As long they are able to bring back a good portion of their players, I can see the Royals taking home more than just this year’s world series trophy.



Lorenzo Cain wins America free breakfast
Lorenzo Cain wins America free breakfast