A lawless country?

The crime rate in the US continues to rise dramatically

A lawless country?

All across the nation, crime has increased dramatically.  Adolescent’s (kids) and adults alike are being arrested for some sort of crime.  James Comey, director of the of the FBI field office in Ohio, made an announcement October 14 (Wednesday) explaining his worry in violent crimes across the United States (Local 12).  So far in 2015, shootings have increased 27% in Cincinnati alone.  Comey goes on explaining what he believes to be the problem, but he gives no solutions on how to fix the problem.  Instead, he gives a memorable quote saying telling reporters how we as Americans cannot afford to let things get bad enough where our grandchildren’s grandchildren will have to clean up the mess that we had created.bars

“The number of kids under 18 involved in gun related crimes is on the upswing.” (Fox 19 News)  Currently Cincinnati’s juvenile detention center is housing at least 60 kids that are being tried for gun related or violent crimes.  Judge John Williams said that some of the offenders that are committing crimes are so extraordinarily violent that the only place to deal with them is at an adult correctional setting.  What seems to be most alarming, is the lack of structure or discipline the kids seem to have.  Most of these kids come from broken families, there’s no one to care and teach these individuals from “right” and “wrong.”  It could be said that a lack of education is the problem the young people of today encounter.  Most young people today are looking out for themselves, and because of this the kids seem to develop an “Invincible complex.”  All this complex leads to is trouble.  Judge Williams also said: “Today we are seeing younger men being influenced by the criminal element lifestyle.  We have to encourage parents to be actively involved in their kids’ life.”increase

Homicides (murders) and other violent crimes are increasing in major cities all over (N.Y. Times) .  Police forces are struggling to deal with the recent surge in violence.  Specialists believe that some officers are scared to enforce the law because of how the public will react.  With all the recent riots and protests against police, some officers are hesitant to do their civic duty because they’re afraid of: losing their jobs, public disgrace, and being confronted by a mob.  There is nothing scarier than being confronted by an uncontrollable amount of people with one thing on the brain: chaos!  Instead of reporting on all the accidents police officers make, we should focus on all the accomplishments they make/made. uphold

The public needs to trust its police force again, and putting cameras on their chests isn’t the way to go about gaining that trust.  The police force is here to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  They uphold the law and stand up to individuals who think that the law doesn’t apply to them.  It’s time that we as an American public trust our Police protectors so that crime can decrease and go back to an all-time low like it did in 1954.