Senior CYO Preview

This year the CYO league seems wide open, there is no clear favorite. It is time for some CYO basketball


CYO Basketball is back in the Queen City

It’s November, and it means the dust is being blown off the old gym shoes. Its CYO basketball time on the Westside. This is the last chance for seniors to get to the all heralded, state tournament. There are a lot of teams that can make a run at state, and even bring home the hardware to the Nasty Nati. For some, CYO is life. For others it is a chance to exercise. You’ll see a fair share of high school basketball rejects, and some try hards. Along with some of the laziest players on the floor. The Purple Quill staff, mainly the seniors, will have the first ever AP poll, which will be posted weekly. We now have awards for the best players in the league. Not to mention some highlights. CYO has finally made the big time.

First, we will start with one of the laughing stocks of the league, Victory’s second team or X team. Senior Sam Florian is the only Panther on the team, poor kid.

“We will easily be the laughing stock of the league this year (again)”

“Most of the teams in the league, have more athleticism in their one finger than we do the whole team.”

He ended up saying it was going to be a very long season for the Vipers.

He speculated that James Grote and Tyler Allgeyer, who were the heart soul of the team, are either quitting the team, or joining a new one.

This Vipers team will be a cellar dweller midway through the year and will just look to play spoiler to the rest of the contenders in the league.

Now we go the other Victory team that finished 3-7 last year, and will probably be even worse this year with the apparent loss of Chris Fox. Pre-injury he was one of the best players in the league. After, it isn’t the case. However, the Jags of Antoninus made the courage decision to sign him to a one year deal.

Back to the Vipers, Senior guard Mitch Cook said he doesn’t know if they will have a team this year, which is a sad reality. The Vipers, after the loss of forward Ryan Custer to Elder basketball, and Chris Fox before his injury, have gone down hill.

“The guys that left our great alma mater should be ashamed” said Max Dresmann, who is the lengthiest player in the state.

“They will never be allowed back in our facilities ever again for betraying us.”

The Vipers are projected to be last in the league this year, but Max went on to say he’s confident in their underdog abilities.

The Saint Dominic Blackhawks have been playing the same way for three straight years under Coach Dan “Tickle Me” Burke. Their usual routine involves Kandra grabbing the board, throwing it down the court, and have either Joey Dowd, Drew Goins, or Adam Martini throw up a three pointer.

Coach Burke always tries to call plays, but center Nick Burgasser says that Burke is out of his league.

“Yeah that man is great and all, but he doesn’t understand this isn’t the NBA, its senior CYO.” Nick went on to say that he was unsure if he’s playing this year because of the amount of time and effort it takes to sign up. The Blackhawks will also have to find a way to replace key players Mike Jackson and Cory “Bones” Jones, who find themselves in legal trouble.

Next we head over to Bridgetown road and preview the St. Jude Bulldogs. Senior guard Brandon Vornhagen will look to lead the Bulldogs back to the playoffs, as they took a loss to the St. Ignatius Wildcats.

Adam Deuber, Matthew Singler, Nick Meyer, Brett Singler and Daniel Nortman are some key returnees to the Bulldogs team. Deuber brings the defense and speed to the team, M. Singler brings his “shooting” ability to the team. Nortman and B. Singler bring the bodies in the paint. Don’t forget St. X Bomber, Nick Meyer who has been one of the best centers in the city all 4 years. This team has the pieces to make a deep run, and they have in the past.

“We lost Nick Nortman, but even without him we will go 10-0. Be the top seed heading into the playoffs.”

He said that he “brings a positive presence, leadership, and a determination like you have never seen before.”

Vornhagen went on to say “I’ll will my team to a championship.”

The player that needs to improve the most? Vornhagen didn’t shy away from the question.

“Brady Goins needs to make some improvements, I’m hopeful that he can be a key to the team this year. Last year he struggled, I’m hoping he can help make a difference this year.”

He believes St. Antoninus can compete with them, after they went out and made some serious moves in the offseason.

The other St. Jude Bulldog team is set to rebound after a mediocre year last season. Going 4-6, leading scorer Ben Mardis says that simply will not stand. “I understand there’s a lot of good teams, but I think we’re going to surprise everyone and I’m going to tear up the entire league” he said. Although the Bulldogs’ leading scorer is Mardis, another player will determine if the squad has success, and that player is Sam Paff.

Being an absolute football legend, Paff has been busy destroying the opponent on the gridiron and also getting mass chicks off/on the field.

“It’s hard to be me” Sam said. “But I don’t want to be too cocky, I just want to help bring honor and glory back to Jude.” Sam should be good to go for the season opener, but his receding hairline is causing him a lot of trouble and his teammates are starting to worry about his availability.

“I don’t know why you’re interviewing me for Elder’s paper, but if we don’t have Paff our season is in serious trouble” former panther and current highlander/ Judite Drew “Taco” Davis said. “He’s a killer on the boards.”

Now we move to the Our Lady of Lourdes Tigers, a team that competed last year, but was knocked out of the tournament in the first round. They return MVP Justin Ward, and have their core players returning. Sam “Please Tell us” Telles, Cody Kyle, Ben Dirr and Tito. Of all the players named, Ben Dirr and Tito are the biggest weakness to the Tigers. Tito’s mind plays games with him telling him, “You are athletic, shoot the 3.” Aside from that, they are a toss-up. This team rides and dies by Dubs ability to score and Telles’ cherry picking skills. Rumor on the street is that Lourdes added sharpshooter Jake Tedesco, who is another Viper to leave the program.

If Telles doesn’t miss his layups, and Dub scores more than 20 they should be fine. If they don’t, what else do they have? The Tigers 6-4 record last year could repeat this year as they lost to the top 4 teams in the league. Gotta beat the best to be the best.

The St. Antoninus Jaguars made some big moves in the off season, the biggest being they went out and signed wing man Christopher Fredrick Fox.

“I really like the culture they have implemented.  Lot of talent and a lot of heart.” Fox said.

When asked if his knee would be a problem this year, he said “Of course not.”

I asked him who he had the best chemistry with going into the year, he said Ben Allison.

“Due to our long hours in the sports mall we have gained a chemistry that can be likened to LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.”

“Projections: Appearance in state. The mentality is state or bust for this team.”

Chris Fox will look to make a run at the scoring title after last year’s debacle on the floor, he looks to regain the skill set he had pre-injury.

When asked what made him leave Victory? He said “Lack of commitment from most of the guys, and Danny Lutz lack of attendance to the games. Along with Matt Schroer’s famous under hand free throws and 80 foot jump shots.”

There wasn’t a winning environment with that team, I needed to spend my last year competing at the highest level possible.

The jaguars will definitely be a team looking to make a run for a state birth.

After a blatant error on the part of the Purple Quill staff we will look at the Visitation squads.

The Joe Schroer led Visi Vikings are most likely going to be the best team in the league this year. With guys like Schroer, Ryan Furniss, and Mitch Westerkamp. They have all the pieces needed to be a state contender. The only loss they suffered last year came in the first week of the season. They went on to win 9 straight to finish second in the league standings. Visitation didn’t lose any key players, they can only improve on last year’s success. They have to be the favorite to win the league title, and make the postseason push to getting a state birth.

Now, Frey’s Visitation team is just as good as the other Visitation team. Finishing at 8-2 last year, they can compete with every team in the league. Led by Frey, who may not strike you as a basketball player. Alex Willenborg, who is one of the most “enthusiastic” players out there, Tanner “Beefy” Lockwood and Keller Federman who brings the strength to the team, this team has had success in the past.

One weakness may be the ability to get in Frey’s head. If you say a certain girls name, at the free throw line, Frey always misses. I wonder who that person is? Aside from the glaring weakness in the team, Frey had nothing but good things to say about his Vikings.

“We are coming back better than ever, after a grueling offseason lifting program, we are stronger, and faster than ever.”

He said there may have been some “suspicious” pills being taken at the gym.

This team is prone to turning the ball over in the open floor, you may see Frey trying to show off his “vertical leap” when trying to dunk. All joking aside, they are another strong team in a top heavy league.

Lastly, we have the St. Ignatius Wildcats, led by guards Jacob Geiser and Brian Smedley, they are a team that has dark horse written all over them. The Wildcats made one off-season move signing defensive specialist/ team mascot, Rocco Salamone to a one year deal. Odds are Salamone won’t see the floor till garbage time.

Guard Jacob Geiser, had his best year last year as a CYO player. The highlight of the season was dropping 30 on St. Jude, he is looking to add that scoring every game. Brian Smedley is also another player who can catch fire for the Wildcats.  The Wildcats pride themselves on the strong guard play of Geiser and Smedley.

Smedley did have a issue off the court this fall, the general feeling was that Smedley was going to be suspended by the league. The rumor was it could have been a season long suspension, but the league came down with a slap on the wrist. Smedley walked away with a two week suspension. Now that the issues off the court have been settled, Smedley is ready to help lead the Wildcats to a league title.

Jacob Geiser said there is nothing to worry about and the Wildcats are ready to ball on the hardwood.

“We have a great squad, Brian and I are looking to lead the charge for the Wildcats.”

He went on to say that, “We know we have some Lancers on the team, but they all contribute, as long as we get the W, it doesn’t matter.”

Geezer said he is looking to make a run at being All-CYO

“The goal is state or bust.” said Geezer. He also told me that the league is wide open, there is no clear favorite.

Like most teams in the area, there is a sense of urgency. This is it, the last chance for these seniors to reach state.

We will now take care of voting for the first ever CYO preseason awards and rankings. We will have coach of the year, MVP, 6th man of the year, along with 1st and 2nd team All-CYO.

Coach of the Year: Krissy Onorato

Pre-season MVP: Joe Schroer

6th Man of the Year: Sam Telles

1st Team All- CYO

PG: Adam Deuber

SG: Justin Ward

SF: Ryan Furniss

PF: Joe Schroer

C: Nick Meyer

2nd Team All- CYO

PG: Brandon Vornhagen

SG: Chris Fox

SF: Ben Allison

PF: Joe “Crimson Chin” Dowd

C: Nick Burgasser

AP Pre-Season Rankings

POINTS: 215 Total

  1. Visitation- Schroer (9) 38
  2. Lawrence (2) 31
  3. Antoninus 29
  4. Visitation- Frey 25
  5. Jude- Deuber 24
  6. Dominic (2) 22
  7. Ignatius (1) 19
  8. Lourdes (1) 15
  9. Jude- Jansen 9
  10. Victory- Florian 3

Others receiving votes: Victory- Cook (1) St. Al’s (0) St. Martins (0)