Leah Still wins her battle

Former D-lineman of the Cincinnati Bengals Devon Still announces that his daughter Leah is cancer free


On Tuesday December 1, 2015, former defensive tackle of the Cincinnati Bengals Devon Still officially announced that his daughter Leah is cancer free.

Back in June of 2014, Leah was diagnosed with stage-four neuroblastoma. Back in the beginning of the 2014 season, D-tackle Devon Still was cut by the Bengals in training camp. However, the Bengals re-assigned him to the practice squad to help him pay for the treatment. After a couple weeks on the practice squad, Still was signed to the active roster and played a total of 12 games for the Bengals.

Devon Still giving his speech at the ESPYs

When the Bengals decided to keep Still on the practice squad, the story reached an international level. The Cincinnati Bengals donated around one million dollars in sales from Devon Still’s number 75 jersey.

“It’s a really cool story,” said David Dabbelt. “It gives me a better understanding to not take advantage of the little things in life.”

Still’s story has been looked at as an inspiration in the eyes of the whole world. People, including myself, have looked at Devon and Leah as role models. These two have overcome seemingly impossible odds, and have fought to the end to fight the battle with cancer.

Leah, who was diagnosed at just age four, has fought very selflessly in her battle with cancer. Her foundation has brought in millions of dollars in donations.

On July 15, 2015, Devon and Leah were proud to except the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs. During the awards, Devon gave a very moving and emotional speech that struck the hearts of many of the people watching the award ceremony.

“I really wish my daughter could understand the amount of support you guys are showing her and how her fight is going to raise awareness,” Still said about his daughter on Twitter.

Back in June, Leah was given a very slim chance to even survive the disease. But she and her dad were able to overcome all odds. Through hard work, dedication and determination, Leah will finally be able to live the normal life that we all hoped she would be able to live.