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Jacob Becker Geiser

“The Crew” from College Gameday on August 28th.

The members of Student Council set out on a mission this year, to top last year’s pep rallies. With the three pep rallies we had against Oak Hills, St. Xavier, and Colerain, there had to be a favorite between the student body. Before we get to the voting, it is time to give them a little review.

Oak Hills: A

The first pep rally of the year had one goal, to get the student even more hyped for the game against Oak Hills. In this skit, we had the crew from College Gameday. Tito, Coach James, and The Donald made an appearance as well. This pep rally had a lot of time to get fixed. Planning started in early August, which gave the members plenty of time to get a good pep rally in place. We had Tito interviewing Tito, which got a good amount of crowd reaction. IMO, the best part of the pep rally had to be between the Coach James interview, or Coach Rick Vice telling you his game plan for beating the Panthers.

Mr. Vice and his assistant coach, Bobby.
Mr. Vice and his assistant coach, Bobby.

Freshmen Liam Geiser, who said his favorite pep rally was indeed the Oak Hills one, said, “It was the funniest of the three.”

“My favorite part had to be when Rick Vice came rolling in on the bike. I haven’t seen Division Three, but it was still hilarious.”

He said it was a good pep rally, it was his first one so of course he said he liked it. That is almost always how it works.

I think this was one of the best in my four years at Elder, There have been some great ones. There have been some ehh ones, luckily the guys on pep rally committee got this one right. It was a great start to the year.

If I had to give a grade it would be an A. I think outside of some minor flaws (Tito’s acting) the real Tito I might add, it was a good pep rally all together. It had everything, it wasn’t too long. It kept everyone engaged because you didn’t know what was going to come next. Was it going to be another character like Rick Vice? Or was it going to be someone like Tito? It had everything and I mean everything. A sniper took out a Hilary Clinton fan, and then did the Tuskian Raider noise. Yeah, I think it is safe to say this was one of the best of the fall.

St. Xavier: B-

The second pep rally came and went. It was X week, and the pep rally had to be half way decent to get the student ready for the game against the Bombers. The theme of this pep rally was super hero theme. The men of the GCL gathered to try to take down the powerhouse that was Elder. You had X Luther, some dude from Moeller who loved lifting, and LaSalle’s super fan. I won’t name names. They tried to plot against Elder, and it didn’t work. No shock there…

It was a good enough pep rally for me to get excited, I was already excited as is, but for the rest of the school.

The man, the myth, the legend
The man, the myth, the legend

I think it did the job. However, it was the weakest due to the lack of time. My inside source said they only planned it a week and a half before the game. Time was not on their side for this one, either way it was still good enough.

Best part of the rally though, Mr. Klusman being found in the “secret” chest.

The laughter from that part alone trumped the laughter throughout the rest of the pep rally.

The St. Xavier Pep Rally gets a B-


Colerain: A

The third and final pep rally of the fall was against Colerain. As the members of pep rally committee had to go to the administration to get this pep rally a schedule. After a few discussions the members got the rally.

This was a different pep rally as they decided to do TV commercials for an ESPN 30 for 30. Due to the crew from College Gameday loving the atmosphere from the crews experience on campus in August. This pep rally had everything; Ryan Custer, Mr. Spencer, Sam Paff, and Nurse Giesler. What is better than seeing Ryan Custer show off his rocket of an arm? I don’t know.

"Just like the glory days"
“Just like the glory days”

This pep rally feature some of the funniest and most annoying commercials of all time. The commercials that are ALWAYS and I mean always on your TV at home. So why not get to see them at school?

This one was good, it was a different type of pep rally that got some laughs out of the students, then turned to football highlights to get the students hyped for the game. The commercials were funny, one flaw to it was the fact that you couldn’t hear “The most interesting man in the world” commercial, which IMO was the best one out there.

All in it was a good year for the rallies, let the me and the members of pep rally committee know which one was your favorite!

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