The world takes on Isis

The world takes on Isis

Isis has become the most hated group in the world in the past couples of months. They have shown how dangerous and persuasive they can be. Isis has persuaded people from all over the world to give up what they believe in and sacrifice their lives for their cause. They have had an attack in France and now even the United States.

The French police have been working hard to find those responsible for the Paris attacks. Another attack was discovered when the police raided a hideout of Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He was killed during the raid either by blowing himself or police bullets they are not positive which one it was. Another suspect got away and has become a manhunt for Salah Abdeslam who is believed to be responsible for dropping off three of the suicide bombers. He was later picked up by two other Belgium citizens. On their way back they were stopped by the police at the Belgian border. “One had a criminal record, but there was nothing to link them to the attacks” said the officers. With this attacker still on the loose where will the next attack be?

Now these attacks are hitting home and Obama isn’t taking these threats lightly. Obama’s plan is to first make it harder for these Isis recruits to get weapons in the United States. “If Congress believes, as I do, that we are at war with ISIL, it should go ahead and vote to authorize the continued use of military force against these terrorists.” Obama said. In Obama’s speech it seems he is using fighting words and soon the United States may declare war on Isis if these attacks continue to happen.

With world coming down on Isis it seems strange how people can join a group, so hated. The fact that they are even still around is shocking with United States and Russia bombing them and sending special operation soldiers. With Isis under so much pressure it seem Isis is going to go on an all-out attack soon. The only question is who are they going to attack next?

Isis is thought to have 200,000 soldiers in there army which is more than some countries. If they would attack the united State again lots of lives may be lost if they go to war.  Isis has gain a large amount of recruits over the one year period in 2014 they were estimated to have between 9000-18000 soldiers in their army.  They have greatly increased over one year which is a scary thing who is to say that there group will continue to increase the way they have. They have recruits all over the world they could be anywhere, and anybody your friend, your coworker, and your teacher. The question is now should we start to get scared?