Las Vegas strikes the news but not for what you think


A strange event occurred this past week when a lady with a toddler in her car decided to drive her car through a crowd. One of the witness described it as “the car being a bowling bowl and the people being the pins.”

The driver of this vehicle was Lakeisha N. Holloway, a 24 year old. She has been accused of killing one person and injuring dozens of people. She faces three charges, including murder with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of an accident, and child abuse or neglect. Other witnesses said that before she got into the car she was hitting people on the side of the road. She says that she was just really tired and angry it seems, and not really on any drugs. But Lakeisha after doing it once thought it was a good idea to do it again, and go onto another sidewalk and hit more people.

The first scare everybody was wondering was is this an act of terrorism but several sources are saying that this is not an act of terrorism. This would be a very unusual way for ISIS to act if they decided to claim it was act of terrorism.

Holloway was in Las Vegas as a homeless women for three weeks in December. During her road rage she made a stop where people attempted to stop her by trying to punch the window, but this seemed to just scare her as she took off again hitting more people. One of the hospitals that treated the injured, University Medical Center, said that of the 15 patients who arrived, one died, two were discharged, three are in critical condition and nine are in serious condition.

I talked to Adam Gerhardt on what he thought they should to do with Lakeisha N. Holloway and he said “they should put her in an insane asylum where she will live for the rest of her life”. His opinion is pretty harsh, but it’s no doubt something you could debate on with the incident she caused.

The next person I talked to was Bryce Wauligman who thought that she should be hit by a car then put in jail. Which would make the people that were injured know that she got the same punishment they got.

The angry driver has tested positive for marijuana. She will be put in jail for 30 days until her next court date on January 20. They will also put her on the suicide watch. They said she had turned her life around in 2012 after living a harsh childhood, but it seems to me she hadn’t turned that much around.