On December 21, 2015 Tracie Hunter petitioned to be re-instated as a judge.   She was denied by a unanimous decision; a 4-0 vote.  The committee that voted said that they had no choice because Hunter had been convicted of a crime, mishandling confidential documents. This committee included: Tim Burke (Chairman of the County’s Democratic Party), Alex Triantafilou (Chairman of the County’s Republican Party), and others.  Tracie Hunter’s position was later taken over by Darrell Payne (a former Butler County assistant prosecutor).

Tracie Hunter

Tracie Hunter on hearing this news became outraged and vowed to sue.  She said “I sued you before and will continue to sue you again.”  Hunter accused the committee of participating in a conspiracy against her.

Because this is a sensitive issue the committee that saw Hunter’s case sought the advice of an outside lawyer named Michael Mentel, a Democrat and former City-Council President in Columbus, Ohio.  Mr. Mentel said, “Tracie Hunter fails to meet any requirements and will remain unqualified for the position.”  This statement was a huge motivator for the committee.

What I’m baffled at is that Tracie Hunter said, “I will continue to stand for the right thing because I did nothing wrong. You have corruptly come after me to unseat me and I will keep coming back until I’m rightfully put back in the seat that I’ve earned.”

One, Tracie Hunter hasn’t done the right thing.  Does the misuse of handling documentation ring a bell?  Also Hunter oversaw a case where a man was nearly beaten to death by juveniles and the cause of why they did it was because they were bored.  As a punishment the juveniles had to write an essay as to why their actions were unjust.  That has to be the most absurd punishment I’ve ever heard of.

As for her

Ohio Supreme Court

determination she has been tried and convicted of a crime. As long as that conviction stands and the Ohio Supreme Court has suspended her license she will never be a Judge.  What she doesn’t realize is that she was unanimously vote down to get her seat back nobody wants her there.  I believe it’s a safer place now that she is not a judge.