Wisdom teeth removal is memorable experience

Elder students choose extraction to avoid future problems

As the average teen approaches his or her later years of adolescence, the unwelcoming news of removing one’s wisdom teeth is brought to the scene.  For those who aren’t the lucky few not affected by their third molars, the rest receive the news that it is time to get these bad boys out.  Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves and for one to avoid later problems in life. So it is well advised to have the procedure done.

3rd molars or "Wisdom Teeth"
3rd molars or “Wisdom Teeth”

Upon hearing that my time had come, I was particularly unhappy.  My older sister had endured the process years before and the experience left her sick for the entire summer.  Not only this, but due to my mother’s distaste for her son’s happiness, I was scheduled to have mine taken out two days before New Year’s Eve.  This meant that while everyone would be celebrating the New Year, I would be at home wallowing in self-pity.  (Thanks, mom)

I never had surgery done before and my fear of needles caused me to be a little squeamish in the waiting room, but once I was given the meds, I was snoozing soundly.  Although I do not remember the aftermath, I arose an hour later after a healthy surgery with a mouth full of blood and stupid phrases.  It took me almost three hours to fully realize who and where I was.  It brings I tear to my eyes to recall the pain, but I will say that the operation medicine is worth it for a good time.  😉

Although my New Years was spent with chubby cheeks and ice packs, my recovery is going quite well and I’m glad to get the inconvenience out of the way.  For many students on campus, their wisdom teeth experience was not as pleasant and their recovery took more than just a few days.

Yours truly enjoying those meds
Yours truly enjoying those meds. Photo courtesy of Mike Ridder.

Senior Duncan Kelley had all four of his taken out last July and he says his experience was one to remember.  Duncan described that after his surgery he was in constant hunger because eating was such a difficulty.  On the bright side, what Duncan did consume consisted of ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream.  “Ice cream became my best friend for a solid 3-4 days before I could start eating normal food again,” said Kelley.

Overall, Kelley said the experienced sucked but he would recommend getting it done to avoid pain in the future.  On a more negative note, Brad Quatman informed me it was one of the worst experiences of his entire life stating, “I envy those who don’t have to get them removed. It was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt and I would not wish this amount of pain on anyone.”

Even though the surgery is not enjoyable for the patient, it does have a humorous aspect.  The post-operation ride home is usually one filled with confusion, crazy sayings, and enough videos to embarrass the victim for a lifetime.

Senior Zach Viox reported singing the National Anthem the entire ride home.  Stosh Groszek fought his parents in attempts to drive the car home.  Duncan Kelley questioned if he was alive and Brad Quatman was unable to control his laughter.

Duncan Kelley fresh out of surgery
Duncan Kelley fresh out of surgery. Photo provided by Duncan Kelley

The process of having one’s wisdom teeth is surely something no enjoys but the operation does have its ups and downs.  Although it ruined my Christmas break, I am glad to have it out of the way so I can enjoy the summer ahead and a painless future.