Best NFL performance since 2000?

Peyton Mannings arm heating up

Ben Smith (photoshop)

Peyton Manning’s arm heating up

Thursday night the Denver Broncos played the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL regular season opener at Mile High Stadium in Denver. What a memorable night that was for Peyton Manning.

After giving up three punts on their first drives, Peyton Manning ended up throwing a career high seven touchdowns and throwing for more than 460 yards. Two of those touchdowns went to Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas, while the other one went to Andre Caldwell.

“I felt like we had to keep scoring because Baltimore can score at any time,” Manning told ESPN.

“That’s a sweet way to start off the season. You get ahead throwing that many touchdowns. I mean, shoot, he’s almost halfway to 20 already,” said Joe Flacco.

“The Ravens lost a lot of people on their Defense and Peyton just tore it up,” said Jake Siry.

When hearing the talk around Elder about the game, hearing so many kids talk about what is on everyone’s mind during football season is Fantasy Football. If you had Peyton Manning on your team, he racked up a whopping 46 points.

According to ESPN that is one of the best numbers of total points since 2000. Fantasy users were ecstatic if they had this man on their team.

“It was kind of shocking to see him do so well in his older age,” said Alex Reid. “The way he played was just amazing, (It was) almost like seeing him play in his prime time when he was younger.”

If Manning keeps up his numbers from this game the rest of the year, with the team he has behind him, he will go to the Super Bowl this year and win it.