Redlegs’ season recap

For most of the 2013 baseball season the Reds have been playing good ball and with an 81-62 record the Reds are well above 500.   Even though they have one of the better records in baseball the competition in the NL Central still has the Reds sitting in third place, battling for a wild card spot. The Reds are sitting two games behind the Cardinals and half a game behind the Pirates.

The Reds have had some really good things happen for them this season like Homer Bailey’s no-hitter.

“The Reds have been doing well this season for the most part, but have been in a slump against the Cards,” said senior JT Williams.

The Cards have beaten the Reds 11 out of the 19 games they have played this season. “I do not like the Cards at all but it’s hard to deny that they are a great team, they’re a solid team,” added Williams.

The Last series the Reds played against the Cards they took three of four. The one game they lost went into 16 innings.

The Reds are in contention for a wild card, leading the Washington Nationals by seven and a half games.

“I think the Reds will get the wild card and win the one game playoff and make a run for the pennant,” said Williams.

The Reds are sitting in a good spot to get a wild card and are up two games out of three in a series against the Dodgers. The Reds also have a three game home series against the Cubs later this week and the Reds have dominated the Cubs this season, and hopefully can pull off some wins and get closer to the number one spot in the division. The Reds have 18 games left in the regular season and 10 of these games will be played at home. The Reds are 47 and 25 at home.

If the Reds stay on the winning path hopefully they will hop the Pirates and Cardinals in the NL Central and make a run in the post season.