Golf team sees hovercraft


Dan McSwigan

Elder Varsity “B” team in hovercraft

The Elder varsity “B” golf team saw the only two hovercraft golf carts in the world on August 24th at Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio at Tecumseh’s Arrow Invitational. PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson, 2012 Masters champion, made the hovercraft popular as videos of him driving it across lakes and over sand traps went viral on YouTube months ago.

Pete Duffey, the managing director of the public golf course was so intrigued by the videos he saw of Bubba that he ordered two of the high tech carts of his own. Duffey said, “We’re always looking for a way to set ourselves apart from the competition. We’ll be able to offer something that no one in the area, in the state and at this point in the country can offer.”

You can play a round of golf in the hovercraft at Windy Knoll Golf Club for only a whopping $230.00 per person, compared to the usual greens fee of $32.00 to $37.00 for 18 holes with an ordinary old fashioned electric cart. I guess the outrageous price is the only way the course can pay off the $60,000.00 it took to buy each hovercraft. The course doesn’t allow guests to drive the newly invented carts. Every group has a highly trained driver who attended training with hovercrafts.

Josh Rhoads, a junior who placed 7th as an individual shooting a 75 in the Arrow Invitational at WKGC commented on the hovercraft saying, “Dude, that was the coolest thing I’ve seen since sliced bread. I really want to play a round in one of those things, so if anyone forks out the $230.00, I’m in.”

Seeing the one of a kind golf carts that many saw on ESPN and YouTube months ago was a pleasant surprise. This technology is definitely something we could see in the near future. Who knows, maybe by 2030 every golf cart will be able to hover and drive over water.

Here is a link to the video on youtube: