Elder football says farewell

Reflecting on the memories the football team and student section shared together



The Men of Elder

Dear students of Elder High School,

A football team is not a complete unit without all of its components working in place.  The cheering section is a huge component in the unit of a football team.  Here at Elder High School, the football team is blessed to have such a strong turnout among students.

As the season comes to an end, the whole football team, seniors through sophomores, would like to express sincere gratitude to our fellow Elder brothers.  The best part of our cheering section is that they are also a part of the team.  We win together, and lose together.

It is truly something special when you can see your fellow classmates, in the stands, just as hyped as the football team is.  If you are a member of the cheering section and you are reading this, thank you!

The consistent support has been nothing but a blessing to the football team.  All off-season, the team has only heard the question, “so honestly, how bad are we going to be?”.  The critics were shut down and the noise was heard.

Right from the start at Nippert Stadium, the critics heard the noise of the ferocious roar that emulated out of the mouths of true believers in Elder High School.  With the end vastly approaching, this is your moment too.

To show our gratitude, we have senior co-captain Zach Lyons to explain the impact that you guys left us throughout the year.  He began with the togetherness of the cheering section and the team as he said, “We’ve been through it all with each other, at our highest highs and our lowest lows”.

“When we needed a big stop at the end of games, you guys were always there to give us that extra boost of energy and will get the stop”, Lyons said.

The Elder students stand on the side of the field minutes prior to a huge Panther upset over La Salle.

Nothing can take away the memories that we have shared together on the cool fall nights.  Powerful moments include storming onto La Salle’s home field after dismantling them in a dominating factor for 48 minutes.

Lyons also said, “I wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate on the field after a big win with any other group of guys.  Not only was it a joy for you guys to watch us on the field, but it was a joy to watch you guys get it up in the cheering section on Friday nights”.

Whether we would be in uniform, and you would be shirtless for “skins to win”, we all formed a team on Friday nights.  As the long ride comes to an end, we can only make the most of what we have left now, and look back on the good times in the future.

Not every team in America has the privilege of having a team that is made up of 400+ students screaming their heads off in the stands.  The other 80 or so students are on the field, giving it their all, to give the screaming fans a win to cherish.

From Zach Lyons and myself, we’d just like to say, “Thank you for the support throughout the season, and the past couple years”.  We will always remain a team.


Elder Football 2016