The upset of the century

Hillary Clinton was favored 3-1 against Donald Trump. This is the third 3-1 lead that has been blown this year.



Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of The United States of America. This is the most unexpected presidential victory in the history of the U.S.
This election has divided this country as much as any other election. Many are wondering whether or not Trump can unite a country that has been divided with hate. Some Hillary Clinton supporters; however, are alright with Trump being elected. Senior Tim Doren, a known Hillary supporter, said, “I think more than anything democracy is alive. Yeah I’m upset that she lost, but I’m happy that the country is at least moving in some direction.”

Elder faculty member Mr. Spencer is a known Trump supporter. “It’s good for America. It’s good that Hillary Clinton isn’t president, but we’re going to have to hold Trump accountable. We need to make sure he stays on track and does the right thing,” said Spencer.

from Trump talks to a crowd of his supporters who were willing to stay for the long night while surrounding by friends and family.

Spencer brings up a point that many people that voted for him are wondering. Will Trump, a recently declared Republican, hold true to his campaign? He has promised a lot. Is he going to be able to fulfill those promises?

Most news people, political officials and aficionados were extremely shocked by Trump’s victory. A lot of them began to question polls, and how accurately they show the opinion of the American people. A few even went to the extent of saying it changed their opinions on certain groups of Americans. “(My opinion) changed a little,” said Senior Sam Poli, a Trump supporter, “because of how much Obama screwed up… kind of showed that we don’t need someone… like Obama.”

Most people in America, even the ones that voted for Trump, are still wondering whether or not the right candidate won. Spencer said, “Trump wasn’t my favorite initially, but when it came down it was one or the other, so it had to be Trump.”

There were a lot of shocking states for people. The swing states that went for Trump were Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The usually democratic states that went for Trump were Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. There were the bricks in the “blue wall” that he needed to be pulled out if he was going to win.

A big question in people’s minds is what does this election mean for America? Some people think America is doomed. Some people think America could not be going in a better direction. “A big thing is white uneducated and white blue collared people have always felt that they didn’t have a voice, and they definitely had a voice (this election) … we’re seeing a group of people, that are normally pretty split, coming together for Trump.”

Spencer said, “I’d like to see us rebuild our military, lower taxes, and secure our borders. Those would be the big three.”

These things were all things Trumps has promised. He promised to make America safe again by rebuilding our military and borders. He promised increased job growth, and wealth by lowering taxes and business regulations.

A big thing on people’s minds is how and why did Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.? Spencer said he thought it was because “people were tired of the Clintons and the corruption, and people wanted a different direction for America… just took pride in our country instead of America is always wrong.”

Poli added, “I think it came as a shock to most people because the media is obviously biased toward the democratic party because during the election they were just railing Trump… they even called it white supremacy’s last stand.”

The biggest thing Trump promised is that he will make America great again. Now what is “great” for America may differ depending on who you are talking to, but Spencer said it was up to the American people. He said, “We need to hold his feet to the fire.”

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The biggest challenge for Trump is not Isis, any foreign power, or the economy. It is bringing this country together. There have been violent riots and protests across the country in the wake of the election. This country is more divided now than it ever has been. Trump has promised to make America safe, strong, and great again. But can he make it whole again?