Trump moves in


Photoshop by Ben Farwick

President elect Donald Trump moves into The White House

After one of the more surprising, and controversial elections of all time, President-elect Donald J. Trump is preparing for his move into the hallowed White House. With this move, comes a lot of change, not only with the family living there, but the presidential policies to go along with it. President-elect Trump could not be any more different than current president Barack Obama; the two are polar opposites. One a die hard republican (Trump), the other a full on democrat (Obama). In spite of this the two have had some very successful meetings and Trump has said that President Obama has been a big help in this transition to the White House up to this point.

I have been really wondering what it actually takes to move one family out of the White House, and another family in. So, I did what any great reporter would do, I laced up the boots and went searching for answers.

Trump speaking

During my search, I encountered some bizarre facts. The President-elect, in this case, Donald J. Trump will not be allowed to officially move into the White House until noon on Inauguration Day. A former member of George W. Bush’s cabinet, said: “The people who move the president in, have this down to a science, it is very similar to a military maneuver.”

I also found out the crew that cleans up the White House are called “Officers from the General Services Administration.” This group of individuals has the responsibility to clean up and re-carpet the entire White House in twelve hours. The crew starts at noon on Inauguration Day, and have often finished all the tasks just before midnight. Any extra touches and personal additions are added by the first family as their presidency continues, but not on Inauguration day.

Another weird fact I discovered was the first family is responsible for getting all their personal belongings to the White House. Which means, they must coordinate the move with the government whom sends private movers, but the first family must cover the cost of the moving trucks. Although once the First Families belongings arrive in Washington D.C. a crew sorts their stuff and puts the things where they go.

But where is the first family during all this? Well, they spend all day either at the actual Inauguration, or watching the Inauguration parade, and conclude the day with a pleasant evening at the Inaugural Ball. This is a very classy event hosted

The capitol on the day of the Inauguration while the president is being sworn in

by the President, where all of his cabinet members and their families attend, and get to know each other.


After move in day and the Inauguration, the President is able to decorate the Oval Office any way he wants, which means: he chooses the art work for the walls, chooses the books for the bookshelves, chooses the carpet, and pretty much any other personal touches he wants for his office. The goal is to make the White House as much of a real home as possible for the first family, while still being a major placce for handling business.

The move in is not just for the President although. His entire cabinet has to be moved in and shown around the West Wing of the White House, because that is where they will be spending most of their time working with the president. This takes around 500 people, working tirelessly to make the cabinet members comfortable in their new environment.

Oddly enough the first order of business for the new president is to plan his funeral, in case, god forbid, anything happen to him during his presidency. The White House correspondents call this a ‘precaution.’

Another order of business handled in the first week is to choose a chef, or keep a chef. Normally the president does not choose a new chef, unless he has a issue with the chef that is there but that is rare.

After all this, the president gets to meet his new ride, the beast, which is his limousine that he will be transported in from now on. With cutting edge security features, the presidential limo could be a vehicle used in battle, it is basically indestructible, and is operated by a professionally trained Secret Service agent.

The White House at night after the President returns from the Inauguration and the Inaugural Ball


The last thing the president sees before he goes to bed at night, is a photo gallery of him meeting with other world leaders, and other important meetings and events, as well as, some photos selected by the president that he likes of himself. I guess that is the White Houses way of showing the president what rowdy things he has accomplished up to that point.

All of the things stated above will begin to take effect on noon Friday, January 20, 2017. The countdown

and preparations have more than likely already begun, now the American people wait to officially meet the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.