Harambe-shaped cheeto to sell for nearly 100K

We have finally gone too far

Harambe-shaped cheeto to sell for nearly 100K

One thing that we as consumers can guarantee, is the media (especially social media) blowing a situation way out of proportion. Unfortunately, the death of Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo has officially been taken too far.

Harambe with the boy who fell in the enclosure (photo from dailymail.co.uk)

Harmabe was shot and killed by a zoo worker last May when a three year old boy climbed into the gorilla enclosure. After being reported by every news outlet in the country, there was a mixed response (as many of you already know).

After an unbelievable amount of tweets, memes, accessories, and other pointless merchandise, the Harambe situation has officially gone too far. Recently on ebay, a Flammin’ hot cheeto shaped like a gorilla (presumably Harambe) sold for $99,700.00. Allow me to repeat myself, a sinlge piece of a snack food was sold for the price of a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

$96,600 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan (photo by mbusa.com)

To give you more of a reference point, a 9 oz. bag of Flammin’ Hot Cheetos at Walmart costs $2.98.

“This is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever seen,” said Ryan Murphy. “I’m not surprised that it happened, but it shows that the world continues to get more and more ignorant.”

How did we come to this? When that $100,000 could have been donated to a charity or clothed/fed/housed many of those who are poor, it was spent on one of the most unusual purchases that I have ever seen. Not only that, it has been almost a year since Harambe died and this is still going on. I say enough is enough.

Collin Scheiner stated in one of his articles Leave it in Summer ’16, “I am continually amazed at the resilience of those who strive to pour salt into Harambe’s bullet hole, by unceasingly throwing his name around any chance they get.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Collin.

According to wildlifeextra.com, it is estimated that 300 gorillas could be poached each year to be sold at the markets. So my question is this, why does everyone continue to drag on with Harambe?

I get it that the very popular sports blog barstool sports got a hold of it, as they even made a cover song about Harambe’s death of Here Without You by 3 Doors Down, and I understand that we live in a world where any idiot can say whatever they want and have their voice be heard by everyone, but at some point it has to stop.

Barstool sports Harambe T-shirts (photo by Barstool)

At some point we have to look ourselves in the mirror and realize that this is most certainly not worth it when someone paid the price of my college tuition for a cheeto. Personally, the money aspect doesn’t bother me as much since I am a big believer in capitalism and whoever sold that cheeto just won the lottery, but it still obviously raises some eyebrows.

I wish that one day a biased media doesn’t dictate how people think and perceive the news. To be honest, they practically have mind control over some people. The bottom line is that I’m just sick and tired of the ignorance of America, and I know most of you are too.