AJ Green: Wasting his career in Cincinnati?

Mike Brown just gets funnier with age

Mike Brown just gets funnier with age

Our hometown Bengals recent 16-6 loss to the lowly Cleveland Browns has got a lot of fans wanting quarterback Andy Dalton out, but the loss got me thinking: what does the future have in store for wide receiver AJ Green in the Queen City? He’s by far the Bengals most talented player on the offensive side of the ball, and is considered one of the league’s top five wide outs, but how long will he be able to put up with Dalton’s constant mediocrity before he wants out?

I have a feeling that his situation could play out like Carson Palmer’s did: like Palmer, Green has already started out with a couple of outstanding seasons, so pretty soon he will get a huge contract extension from Mike Brown, and Brown will consider the Green “the face of the franchise.” A few years will pass, players will come and go, maybe a playoff appearance or two, and Green will feel exactly the way Palmer did: sick of the Bengals’ ownership being content with average play and wanting to get out while he can still salvage the final years of his pro career. Their talents and careers were abused and wasted on mediocre teams put together by Paul Brown’s golden boy.

But don’t just take my word for it. I decided to hit the halls of Elder to talk to those in orange and black to get their take on AJ Green.

Junior Pete Folzenlogen gave me his input on Green’s future: “I think it all depends on who’s throwing to him. I don’t think he’ll ever reach his full potential with the Bengals because Andy Dalton lacks the arm strength to really use a receiver like Green. I think it will all come down to money if he stays with the Bengals.”

Junior Ben Bischof, also thought Green could be wasting his career: “Yes that is a possibility. Andy Dalton is only an average quarterback and the other wide receivers for the Bengals are far from great. This means that the defenses will double team Green making it hard for him to have much success. As of right now, no, I don’t think he’ll reach his full potential with Dalton, but if they get another receiver who is at least respectable, then possibly. In five years, I think he will be a four time pro bowler, still with the Bengals. However, I believe that Green will not be as big of a play maker as he is right now.”

Junior John Capannari gave me my favorite overall answer: “No I don’t think he’s wasting his career because he’s a threat, showing off his talent to the NFL. I think he’ll reach most of his potential but not with the deep ball. I either see him staying with the Bengals or being traded to a top NFL team.”

John wanted me to put this extra quote in the article for all you Bengal doubters out there: “Mark my words. This year the Bengals are going all the way, carried by Giovanni Bernard; the 2013 Rookie of the Year.”

Couldn’t agree more John! And thanks to John, Pete and Ben for the interviews!

Whether you think Green will be wasted, will be traded, will overcome Dalton’s subpar throwing arm, or will get a new quarterback before it’s too late, one thing you can guarantee is that whatever happens, Mike Brown will do whatever it takes to put more Green on the field while putting more green in his pocket.